BOOM goes the dynamite! Jedediah Bila drops MOA truth-bombs on obsessive media’s mission to take OUT Trump

When Jedediah Bila is right, she’s right.

And boy HOWDY is she right about this.

And when she’s right and drops a BS in the tweet … booyah. She said it better than we ever could, but in essence what we take from her tweet is that the media is its own worst enemy.

True story.

Trump says or does something not so great, they double down and do something horrible.

Like clockwork.

It’s not just about Trump unfortunately. Mainstream media will jump on any story, any person, any crisis or tragedy and intentionally mislead all in the name of ratings. It’s not OBJECTIVE news when they ratings and profits are the bottom line.

— Steeler560 (@steeler560) May 17, 2018

Clicks and taps, baby.

Well, that and pushing a narrative when it comes to the Leftist media because they do hate Trump and many absolutely do want to destroy him and his presidency. Not to mention the people who voted for him.

Truth be told, actual, objective news is a thing of the past.

I’ll bet you call Fox News fair and balanced.

— Scott K (@ScottK_NYC) May 17, 2018

What is it with these people? Not only do they have Trump Derangement Syndrome but they seem to have a Fox News Complex as well.


Yes – the Trump haters are not understanding that people don’t have to like Trump to recognize the constant lying about him is just wrong. We have eyes and ears and we are not stupid.

— AGCheryl (@CherylGhiselin) May 17, 2018

We keep telling them that they’re all but handing Trump re-election in 2020 but do they listen?


Thank goodness.


I was an anti-Hillary, reluctant Trump voter—not a supporter. Despite his often unforgivable behavior, the media and the Democrats are driving me more and more toward Trump. BTW, my wife is the Trumpist in our family.

— Will Luden (@WillLuden) May 17, 2018

You know this drives them nuts.

Well, nuttier.

Exactly. The media is so stupid they don’t realize they are actually helping President Trump and hurting themselves. He’s made them beyond crazy. Kind of fun to watch.

— David Delia (@dpdelia) May 17, 2018

Popcorn-worthy even.


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