ACLU: Any school that reports a student to ICE is violating the Constitution

The ACLU seemed triggered Tuesday by a piece about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos published by Politico.

According to Politico, during testimony before the House Education and the Workforce Committee, DeVos said that the issue of reporting undocumented students is a “school decision” and “local community decision,” adding that “we have laws and we also are compassionate.”

The ACLU strongly disagreed with DeVos on all counts, claiming that reporting a student to ICE would be a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Any school that reports a child to @ICEgov would violate the Constitution. SCOTUS has made clear that every child in America has a right to a basic education, regardless of immigration status. As usual, DeVos has no idea what she’s talking about.

— ACLU (@ACLU) May 22, 2018

According to the article, the ACLU is citing the Supreme Court‘s 1982 ruling in Plyler v. Doe, which guaranteed the rights of students to receive a public education regardless of their immigration status.

This seems like one hell of a leap from Plyler v. Doe.

— James Taranto (@jamestaranto) May 22, 2018

Sorry, but would you mind pointing me to the part of the constitution that says this? I have my original copy here, not the unicorn farts and fairies edition.

— Mayflower (@ImJuliCaldwell) May 23, 2018

You know, the part of the Constitution that established public schools.

Being school-aged and in school trumps illegal presence in the country in the first place? Where’d THAT come from? #illegalisillegal

— VA Beach Law Group (@vabeachlawgroup) May 22, 2018

Fascinating in what it implies about how the Left views the law nowadays.
The effort to eliminate political discussion and decision-making goes ever onward.

— Richard Samuelson (@Rickersam3) May 23, 2018

Law 101: Those two declarations lack linkage. You people reall aren’t very bright.

— Jerry Fuhrman (@JerryFuhrman2) May 23, 2018

Wait, wait, wait…. Good God, does anyone at the ACLU do legal research anymore? 2/

— Loose Cannon, but not your calibre (@maxgoof3) May 23, 2018

1) There is no right to a basic education written in the Constitution. SCOTUS erred in this assessment if they made it. Anything that requires someone else to DO something, rather than refrain from doing something is not a right. Educating someone is doing something. 3/

— Loose Cannon, but not your calibre (@maxgoof3) May 23, 2018

2) All rights written in the Constitution are limits upon government from blocking such rights. But it does not block government from enforcing the law. 4/

— Loose Cannon, but not your calibre (@maxgoof3) May 23, 2018

When the @ACLU threatens you for wanting to report a crime.

But sure “see something, say something.”

Just make sure it is the ‘right’ something or we will hunt you down.

— Ted Underhill (@alternativeRNC) May 23, 2018


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— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 23, 2017

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