AWKWARD! Looks like Joy Reid’s got some MORE ‘splaining to do

The hits keep coming!

This is going to be every day isn’t it

— Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) June 4, 2018

It’s really looking like it:

Joy Reid Once Wrote That Al-Qaeda May Be A ‘Trumped Up Fantasy’ To Push War

— The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 4, 2018

More from the Daily Caller:

A post from “JReid” stated:

“Is al-Qaida a Trumped up fantasy designed to perpetuate Bush’s corporate wars? Or is it a real threat to the security of the United States that the administration is simply incapable of containing (or worse, of inadvertently expanding…)?”

She also appeared to once again push a 9/11 conspiracy, saying, “Has it been resolved to most people’s satisfaction that the Bush administration had nothing to do with 9/11? (I think the answer here is clearly, no.)”

How does one go from blogging homophobic and anti-Semitic sentiments to hosting a major cable “news” show in a span of 5-10 years?

— Ben Anderson (@AndStrats) June 4, 2018

Well, it helps to be a flaming liberal.

Nothing makes me happier than NBC sticking with this.

— EducatédHillbilly™ (@RobProvince) June 4, 2018

I almost don’t want Joy Reid fired just to keep this stream of discovery going.

— Holden (@Holden114) June 1, 2018

She’s the gift that keeps on giving.

— Blueberry (@hey1steaksauce) June 4, 2018

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