Fact check: DERP! Ben Rhodes’ take on why Trump reverses Obama’s policies is just a HOT MESS

Welp, it would appear Ben Rhodes is doing a stellar job of being Captain Obvious in his new capacity as a ‘political contributor’ for MSNBC. He appeared on CBS and dropped this nugget of wisdom …

Ben Rhodes: Trump reverses Obama policies just because they were Obama’s https://t.co/ES2uLpkdfg pic.twitter.com/ejn2odXPpW

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 5, 2018


From CBS News:

Ben Rhodes, who served as President Obama’s campaign speechwriter and later his deputy national security advisor, said Monday the Trump administration’s reversal of so many Obama administration policies is based not on ideology but simply because they were put into place by President Obama.

Rhodes (who is the brother of CBS News president David Rhodes) joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss policymaking in the Obama administration, and his new book, “The World as It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House.”

Ha! They actually admitted Rhodes is the brother of the president of CBS. Oh, our sides.

I’m sure it seems incredibly unfair to Rhodes that Obama policies can be reversed at all. https://t.co/M21n603IK0

— Dan (@danieltobin) June 5, 2018

Obama should have been king, right Ben?

Why would the opposing party keep the other one’s policies? Esp when Mr. Pen and Phone couldn’t be bothered to do things the right way, making them just as easy to overturn.

— Carl Gustav, Asst to the Regional Manager (@CaptYonah) June 5, 2018

Imagine if Obama had gone through Congress to pass actual legislation.

You know could have prevented this? If Obama went through congress instead of just using his pen and phone. Regulations created by executive order can be reversed by executive order.

— Ms. Velvet, Citizen Bitch (@TMIWITW) June 5, 2018

What she said.

No. He reversed them bq they were bad policies.

— Una Paloma (@Una_Paloma1) June 5, 2018

Obama podbro confused by a President who opposes his predecessor’s ill-considered, and poorly-implemented, policies.

— Ben the Pouncing Seizer (@Bennettruth) June 5, 2018

He always looks like a deer in headlights.

His brother is a president of this “news” network, was that disclosed at the beginning? Conflict of interest much? Ok

— Concerned Conservative (@JJ_Mitch2) June 5, 2018

Hey, they actually DID mention that in the article.

If only there had been some way to make those policies into laws that couldn’t be easily undone…..hmmmm. 🙄🙄🙄

— Sherry Watts (@Sherrylwatts) June 5, 2018

He reversed them because obama didn’t pass them as laws, just executive actions, the next democrat president will do the same

— Quantified Dave (@QuantifiedDave) June 5, 2018

Oh, we know! pic.twitter.com/sRA1ndvtE4

— Tony Cleveland (@Tony_Cleveland) June 5, 2018

Well DUH.


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