‘Have you even READ IT?’ Wannabe constitutional scholar Alyssa Milano EMBARRASSES herself AGAIN

Our day just isn’t complete unless Alyssa Milano’s complaining about something.

And now a word from the Perpetually Aggrieved…. https://t.co/iTuepsqr9c

— Mitch G, Thats Me. (@mgcat) June 6, 2018

Last night, she once again spouted off about the Equal Rights Amendment and tried to catch Paul Ryan in the act of hating women. Or something:

I asked for a meeting with @SpeakerRyan today—to discuss equality for women and the Equal Rights Amendment—he declined.

96% of Americans believe that women should be protected under the constitution. He is the 4%. #ERANow

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 5, 2018

He declined? The nerve!

But wait … there’s more:

Honestly, I cannot see any reason any citizen needs to do anything. I know the foolish patriarchs feel they can assume women citizens are different.

Still, the 14th Amend uses the term “person”, not “men”. Therefore, it has been UNCONSTITUTIONAL to deny equality to all.
Resist# pic.twitter.com/3aV5keBJrc

— Sparky (@SparkyLanders) June 5, 2018

Hi. The 14th amendment was included in the constitution before women even had the right to vote so clearly it was not meant to apply to us.

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 6, 2018

Oh, honey.

By this logic, freedom of the press does not apply to digital media. https://t.co/oV9zzKTVbn

— neontaster (@neontaster) June 6, 2018

Under this logic the First Amendment wouldn’t either. https://t.co/7Y9VrJ70rW

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) June 6, 2018

See that’s the thing: Alyssa’s brand of logic isn’t actually very logical at all.

I have equal rights.

— Millennial Exile (@MillennialExile) June 6, 2018

they ARE protected under the constitution already

— Jeff Dunetz (@yidwithlid) June 6, 2018

I’m not sure which part of this tweet is dumber – the fact that you think a declined meeting indicates he doesn’t believe women should be protected, or the fact that you think women aren’t protected under the Constitution. Have you considered reading the 14th Amendment, or no?

— Rusty Weiss 🤔 (@rustyweiss74) June 6, 2018

All people are protected by the Constitution.

Have you even read it?

Do you even know what you’re talking about????

— Omar L.A. (@omarslopezarce) June 6, 2018

Of course she doesn’t. But then, this isn’t really about the Constitution, is it? It’s about Alyssa Milano. It’s always been about Alyssa Milano.

I asked for a meeting with my sports teams’ GM’s to discuss my thoughts for overall team performance and improvement — they declined.

It’s almost like they had other things to do…

— Eddie Coleman (@Eddie_Golfs) June 6, 2018

Shorter @Alyssa_Milano: pic.twitter.com/dH5g64k6Bt

— Alo Konsen (@OhioCoastie) June 6, 2018

The level of your self-importance is absurd.

Good luck with that.

— Sam a.k.a. Tressa’s Critter (@SamHamiltonTGP) June 6, 2018

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