Lauren Duca tries to memory-hole DISGUSTING tweet sliming Dana Loesch (SPOILER: It DIDN’T work)

Media Matters is on a roll today. In addition to sliming Sean Hannity, they’re also after Dana Loesch:

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: Some women “wouldn’t know what masculinity was if it hit them in the face”

— Media Matters (@mmfa) June 7, 2018

It’s pretty clear what they’re suggesting there … and naturally, feminist social justice warrior princess Lauren Duca swallowed it without thinking:

That’s lovely, isn’t it? Never mind that Loesch was actually speaking out against the absurd notion of “toxic masculinity” and not against women. Lauren Duca would rather gin up faux outrage and send her legions of harpies after Dana Loesch than actually hear Loesch out. Unfortunately for Duca, she’s the one who ultimately comes out of this looking bad; not Loesch.

I can read this to you if you need help.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) June 7, 2018

Oh, Lauren needs help, all right. She also needs a reality check. Loesch has dedicated her life to defending Americans’ right to defend themselves. And it just so happens that many of those Americans are women. Instead of belittling and maligning Loesch, Duca should be celebrating Loesch’s commitment to empowering women. Unless, of course, Lauren isn’t really interested in actual women’s empowerment.

So..your solution is making women defenseless? I’ll keep my Second Amendment. Stick to writing about thigh high boots. You are better at that.

— Phoenix (@Phoenix263Risin) June 7, 2018

— Andrew Love (@VictoryInLove) June 7, 2018

So you’re saying women are victims, & you’re also saying we shouldn’t be allowed to defend & protect ourselves or our innocent children with a gun? What do you propose I use as a woman against a group of men & women that want to rape, beat, & dismember me & my daughter? 🤔

— Shannon Kowalski (@ShannonLeaKO) June 7, 2018

And you’d like to disarm those women.

Who doesn’t care about women again?

— Virginia Kruta (@VAKruta) June 7, 2018

My life was protected from a bad guy with a gun by a man with a gun so have a seat. Stop trying to apply victimization to everything. If you really want to stand up for women, stop pushing to disarm us or supporting infanticide which disproportionately affects female babies.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) June 7, 2018

That’s some ownage, right there.

Lauren attempted to memory-hole her tweet without offering any explanation, but we like to think she was ashamed of her angry, vicious smear of Loesch.

I’m glad Lauren deleted this ridiculous Tweet. Stop shaming women who believe in the right of self defense.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) June 8, 2018

Unfortunately, Lauren Duca gonna Lauren Duca. And it won’t be long before she’s shaming strong, conservative women again.

The moral of the story:

You really are a terrible person.

— EducatédHillbilly™ (@RobProvince) June 7, 2018

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