‘DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT’! Gee, what COULD the AP be implying with this tweet about Melania Trump?

The media really can’t let this Melania Trump thing go, can they? The First Lady is still recovering after surgery for a kidney condition, but they’ve just got to find a way to make it shady somehow.

The AP apparently thought they had Donald Trump caught in some kind of web of deceit, as evidenced by this scalding-hot scoop:

The first lady’s office said she’d undergone a procedure for a benign kidney condition, but Trump says the first lady isn’t traveling with him because she had a four-hour operation and doctors told her not to fly for a month. https://t.co/qpNUzhovz1

— AP Politics (@AP_Politics) June 8, 2018

More from the AP:

President Donald Trump said his wife, Melania, had a “big operation” to treat a kidney condition that lasted close to four hours, but that the first lady is “doing great” although she did not accompany him to Canada on Friday, per her doctors’ orders.

Trump told reporters as he left the White House on Friday for the G-7 meeting in Quebec that Mrs. Trump wanted to join him at an annual summit of leading industrialized nations, as she did last year, but that she “can’t fly for one month.”

“First lady’s great. Right there,” Trump said, pointing up to the White House from the driveway. “And she wanted to go. Can’t fly for one month. The doctors say. She had a big operation. That was a close to a four-hour operation. And she’s doing great. Right there.”

Trump’s comments only added to the mystery surrounding his wife’s recent hospitalization and nearly four-week absence from the public eye.

“Added to the mystery”? We hate to break it to you, AP, but just because you and the MSM wish that Melania’s absence is a mystery doesn’t make it so. You people need to sit down before you hurt yourselves.

What is the “but” in this sentence doing?

— Irene F. Irene (@irenefingirene) June 8, 2018

I don’t understand the “but” here. Those don’t conflict. https://t.co/tOmD6zPCRI

— Alex Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) June 8, 2018

The first lady’s office said she had surgery, but the president contends she had surgery.

How to resolve their irreconcilable differences?? https://t.co/8ukdxtB4bK

— Akiva Cohen (@AkivaMCohen) June 8, 2018

REPORT: First lady’s office AND Trump agree that Melania had surgery

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) June 8, 2018

The “but” in your headline makes no sense. Surgery recovery differs but 6-12 weeks is average. If you haven’t figured out why smart Americans don’t trust the media, this is a great example.

— Sandra Anne (@SandraAnneCW) June 8, 2018

Good God, AP.

Don’t y’all have an intern that could research the meaning of benign?

— Sherry W (@Sherrylwatts) June 8, 2018

I don’t think you know what the word “benign” means. https://t.co/WVqAnjegtB

— neontaster (@neontaster) June 8, 2018

This is so ignorant, my golden retriever rolled her eyes. “Benign” does not mean not serious. “Benign” means ‘not malignant’, as in not cancerous. She had a major surgery. I can’t even with you people. Surely there are more intelligent people in the pipeline for ‘journalism. ‘

— Deb (@INginjas) June 8, 2018

Really!?!? This is the AP now? Benign does not mean non-invasive or not serious. Give it a rest already.

— Tammie Berlin-Janis (@flipper9898) June 8, 2018

You say that as if “benign” equates to “minor”; it doesn’t. Take your “but” and shove it up yours.

— TocksNedlog (@gypsyluc) June 8, 2018

…do they think “benign” means it’s an easy surgery or something? AP can’t be THAT dense.

— Alex Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) June 8, 2018

Oh, but they can. And we have no doubt that they’ll do it again.

This is not a good tweet, AP.

— Jeremy Martin (@jmar777) June 8, 2018

Seriously. This is so pathetic AP.

— 52joan (@52joan) June 8, 2018

Trying to hint at or make this a salacious story, is why people have no trust in the MSM.

— jb (@jbgopsu) June 8, 2018

AP HQ… pic.twitter.com/tiYRZjipe0

— NYYChamps2018 (@NyyChamps2018) June 8, 2018

We’ll close with some parting evergreen advice:

delete your account

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) June 8, 2018

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