BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith wants to know what he should ask Ben Rhodes, gets his answer

BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith is interviewing Ben Rhodes on Wednesday and thought he’d go to the public for suggestions on what to ask the former political adviser to Barack Obama and current political contributor to MSNBC and NBC News.

As usual, Twitter was happy to offer up suggestions.

“Now that you’re an MSNBC contributor, do you still stand by your statement that reporters literally know nothing?”

— Michael Shapiro (@mis2127) June 12, 2018

About the long-term consequences of this article, alleging Rhodes’ press manipulation helped sell the Iran deal:

— Daniel Walters (@danielwinlander) June 12, 2018

Ah, is that the piece where he admitted to creating an echo chamber out of reporters who “literally know nothing”? Yeah, ask about that.

Which journalists he considered to be in his echo chamber

— Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) June 12, 2018

What does he think about the federal goverment having to pay out millions to tea party groups targeted by the irs under obama’s administration. does he feel it gave obama a competitive advantage?

— R C Taylor (@littlenewsnetwk) June 12, 2018

How long did it take for him to regain his ability to speak after Hillary’s loss?

— GRG4Trump 🇺🇸 (@kgriffigk4_g) June 12, 2018

Ask him what he was blabbering about while he was tripping over his tongue when Trump won.

Oh, and when Hillary lost.

— The Dank Knight 🦇 (@capeandcowell) June 12, 2018

Why so much concern for Trump’s negotiating with North Korea? Obama’s negotiations weren’t successes: Russia (Crimea), Syria (red line), Iran ($$$$), Cuba (no human rights/reversed previous “dry foot” policy), and Israel (interfering in their elections while $$ to Palestinians).

— Suzanne (@Suzanne_Vacay) June 12, 2018

Ask him about all that flexibility they gave Russia, did he push the button with the rest of them? Or was he really not that important at all

— Mujahed (@kebejay) June 12, 2018

Ask him about Iran funding 9/11 and the hijackers and if he still stands by his wonderful deal.

— Matthew Ben-Shabat (@mbs213) June 12, 2018

How many $100 fit on a pallet in the back of a G5.

— Abe Froman™ (@WerIstDeinPa) June 12, 2018

Why he felt it wasn’t important for the Iran deal to have mandatory inspections..but it is for NK?

— Brian Gass (@brianlgass) June 12, 2018

Ask why he repeatedly lies about the “intrusive” verification provisions in the Iran Deal when the deal actually didn’t even let us inspect their military bases.

Also ask him why he generally just sucks at everything.

— James Hasson (@JamesHasson20) June 12, 2018

Give an example when preparation made a big difference during negotiations with Iran or Cuba

— Daniel Rouse (@dsrouse) June 12, 2018

Why he’s a shameless fraud.

— Jeremy Frankel (@FrankelJeremy) June 12, 2018

Ask him for extra talking points and ghost-written articles for BuzzFeed to run over the next few months.

— Ron Meyer (@BobbyShaftoe11) June 12, 2018

Ask him why the other Obama bros didn’t include him on Pod Save America.

— James Hasson (@JamesHasson20) June 12, 2018


Ask him how he feels literally watching their legacy get flushed down the toilet

— Mujahed (@kebejay) June 12, 2018

My number one suggestion:

— Jerry Dunleavy (@JerryDunleavy) June 12, 2018

Maybe we’ll skip the interview and just watch the video of him breaking down after Hillary’s loss again.


‘DEEP BURN’! @Redsteeze hits Ben Rhodes and his hypotheticals where it REALLY HURTS

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 12, 2018

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