82nd Airborne Division wins for best take on the St. Louis raccoon

The hashtag #mprraccoon actually topped Twitter’s trending topics for a while Tuesday as St. Louis residents and Americans across the country were captivated by a raccoon that was scaling UBS Tower, making it more than 20 floors up before taking a break on a windowsill.

People were tweeting they couldn’t sleep not knowing if #mprraccoon was safe, although some cat food and a trap had been placed on the rooftop to entice the raccoon to finish its climb, which it did early this morning.

There were tens of thousands of tweets about #mprraccoon, but this gem from today is probably our favorite by a mile:

Breaking: With the #MPRaccoon safely rescued, the Global Response Force will stand down. Let us know if you need anything. #BackToFortBragg #JumpScratched #BeSafeLittleFella pic.twitter.com/SjphNRAEzY

— All American Division (@82ndABNDiv) June 13, 2018


Always prepared!

— Walter Maier (@wkmaier158) June 13, 2018

Nice to know they were at the ready! https://t.co/Xgihup3gSz

— AZCatgal (@azcatgal) June 13, 2018

#AIRBORNE https://t.co/ozlfxfT3UG

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) June 13, 2018

This global response force is as good as it gets.
18 hrs or less, boots on the ground, fight and WIN.
Shot out to the 82nd Airborne BCT’s combat readiness.
Fury From the Sky! https://t.co/1t5YUJEzRu

— OEFgunfighter (@OEFgunfighter) June 13, 2018

Good to know, considering the next best plan was putting a bunch of mattresses on the sidewalk.


A raccoon climbing a skyscraper in Minnesota is a media sensation https://t.co/kJKnGFFmH4

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 12, 2018

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