Wrong answer: Trump stumbles over question of Kim Jong Un doing ‘some really bad things’

We can understand the need for diplomacy when holding a summit as rare as the one between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, but now that the summit’s over, there’s no need to mince words, is there?

Trump is taking a lot of heat from both sides of the aisle for an interview he had with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, in which he called Kim “a tough guy” and when confronted with the fact that Kim’s “done some really bad things,” countered that other people had too.


! What an exchange between @BretBaier and Trump after Baier presses the president on Kim Jong Un’s human rights atrocities. https://t.co/guLeLiBNZe pic.twitter.com/NoeaS4niD0

— Andrew Desiderio (@desiderioDC) June 13, 2018

. @BretBaier notes to Trump that Kim is a killer.

“He’s a tough guy,” Trump says. Adds, you have to be to do what he did, and “1 in 10,000” could do what Kim Jong Un did at 26.

Bret: But he’s still a killer.

“Yeah, but so have a lot of other people done some really bad things”

— Katie Watson (@kathrynw5) June 13, 2018

The counter that “other people [have] done some really bad things” really didn’t fly.

BAIER: Kim Jong Un is “clearly executing people.”

TRUMP: “He’s a tough guy. Hey, when you take over a country, tough country, tough people, and you take it over from your father … if you could do that at 27-years old, I mean, that’s 1 in 10,000 that could do that.” (via FOX) pic.twitter.com/R8FfkREDYX

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 13, 2018

What in the hell https://t.co/247PaG1WxL

— Matt Dawson (@SaintRPh) June 13, 2018


This is like Obama’s bullshit about moderates in Iran. Or that whole bullshit with Cuba.

Gross. https://t.co/Rn7hunxxIh

— RBe (@RBPundit) June 13, 2018

This is pretty similar to Trump’s defense of Putin. It’s offensive nonsense. There is nothing praiseworthy or tough about how these dictators brutalize their own people. https://t.co/y4EnE4dzoM

— (((AG))) (@AG_Conservative) June 13, 2018

Horrendous https://t.co/kr0BPjLLWp

— Mo Mo (@molratty) June 13, 2018

I already know what kinds of excuses Trump’s supporters will make for a quote like this, and none of them are remotely sufficient either in a moral or strategic sense. https://t.co/6rDovZmMTr

— Jeff B. (@EsotericCD) June 13, 2018

Bad answer. https://t.co/YxaKhEY3Op

— Ken Gardner (@KenGardner11) June 13, 2018

Could quite literally be the worst thing he’s said as president https://t.co/28LNqmNjMF

— Ben McDonald (@Bmac0507) June 13, 2018

Once you accept regime change isn’t an option (it’s not) and you’re going to go with negotiations, you’re left with the fact you’re accepting trade offs.

Leave it to Trump to defend them on the most intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt grounds imaginable. https://t.co/sslgpkjFGs

— Drew McCoy (@_Drew_McCoy_) June 13, 2018

Dude, holy shit. https://t.co/0bk8GtphrC

— Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) June 13, 2018

It’s not good — it’s more the sort of thing we’d have expected coming from Dennis Rodman than President Trump.

If we had to defend the president on this — and it’s a stretch — at least he came off less fawning that the U.S. media did when Kim’s sister gave Vice President Pence the side-eye at the Winter Olympics.


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