WHOOPS! Vox makes embarrassing typo in tweet on SCOUTS and unions

Someone typed this headline at Vox and didn’t immediately say to themselves, “WTF!”?

117 million people in America work as teachers, police officers, sanitations workers and other government employees.

The Supreme Court could deliver a devastating blow to the unions that represent them. https://t.co/T5xPTPwv6j

— Vox (@voxdotcom) June 14, 2018

Because it’s wrong:

There is no possible way this number is right. The labor force itself is only like 162 million people https://t.co/oD4fL6CuaX

— Southernist-Duginist (@notwokieleaks) June 14, 2018

Like, way wrong:

Bureau of Labor statistics (2016) calculates the number of citizens in the labor force at approximately 158 million (49% of the U.S. population). It’s implausible that 117 million or 74% of American workers are government employees. https://t.co/nrQsxCByTJ

— MarleneJ (@mjaeckel) June 14, 2018

Reset the counter!

Someone reset the “Days since we made a mistake” counter to 0 https://t.co/iW1dNiNPvR

— Dennis Walker (@DennisWalkerJr) June 14, 2018

It looks like what happened is Vox mixed up the number from the article:

Not even Vox actually reads Vox. https://t.co/7KhJ3BVZtU

— don’t diss pAnCakEs (@billpresson) June 14, 2018

The real number is 21 million, not 117 million:

Screenshot for posterity:

There are only ~22M government employees — including federal, state, and local governments — according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Do betterhttps://t.co/VYRylbf2yN pic.twitter.com/VR9cPZgnMM

— T. Greg Doucette (@greg_doucette) June 14, 2018



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