‘You CAN’T be this pathetic!’ Linda Sarsour proves she CAN be that pathetic with SCOTUS #TravelBan tweet

Admit it, you knew the moment SCOTUS ruled in favor of the so-called Travel Ban that people like Linda Sarsour would be among the first to lose their proverbial shiznit on Twitter. Imagine sitting at your daughter’s high school graduation and thinking about this instead of her actually graduating …

Sitting in my daughter’s high school graduation in tears. I have to tell my daughter who has been asking me for updates that #SCOTUS upheld the Muslim and Refugee Ban. That they decided on the side of xenophobia and racism. Devastated. #StandWithMuslims #NoMuslimBanEver

— Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour) June 26, 2018

That’s just well, pathetic.

Your kid is graduating high school (in late June?) but she’s focused on the #SCOTUS travel ban ruling, and so are you? Come on Linda, there’s more to life than trying to bring #ShariaLaw to the US and bamboozling those silly American “feminists.”

— Betsy Brantner Smith (@sgtbetsysmith) June 26, 2018

It’s really just sad that THIS is where Linda’s focus is, even while her own daughter graduates high school. And then using said daughter in a tweet trying to make people feel badly about the SCOTUS ruling?


Uh, Islam isn’t a race.

🌞 Brian 🐝 🐝 (@applecharlie5) June 26, 2018

Did she really say this is racist?

Alrighty then.

No…. they decided on keeping our country and the people in our country safe from what is happening in other countries that brought a massive amount of these people in. Why not explain to your daughter that point or does this decision go against some bigger plan.

— Keith (@KeithTorok1) June 26, 2018

And they ruled with the law.

It’s called The Constitution.

— Natasja Yonce (@NatasjaYonce) June 26, 2018

This isn’t difficult.

I have just got my citizenship and i saw some muslims from somali and pakistan have their citizenship as well. So its not about banning muslim as long as you follow and respect American Laws and not do it illegally this country will respect you as well. Stop playing victims.

— Andine (@Andin2107) June 26, 2018

But Linda and others like her NEED to play the victim game.

That’s literally all they know how to do.

Maybe you could have a march or something.

— Night Owl (@LisaPinPA) June 26, 2018


The court did not buy the BS label of “Muslim” ban…based on the evidence.

Here’s a tissue.

— mallen (@mallen2010) June 26, 2018

Awww see? We’re all nice.

She even offered Linda a tissue.



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