‘F*ck right OFF with that!’ Ian Miles Cheong BLASTS SJW’s #SeeHer tip sheet on how to ‘accurately write women’

Don’t worry writers.

SJWs are here to boss you around and tell you how to write ‘accurate’ portrayals of women because you know, that’s why we all watch shows and movies is that we want to see ‘accurate’ people.

Yeah no.

Stop it.

Let writers write what they want. If you’re hung up on seeing accurate portrayals of women then go hang out at the mall.

The #SeeHer campaign (https://t.co/ZfV07dstSu) put together this awesome one-sheet to be used in writers’ rooms to help avoid bias when writing female characters. You don’t have to be a dude to find this useful. pic.twitter.com/QQ9EYJ41Ge

— Rachel Bloom (@Racheldoesstuff) July 6, 2018

Awesome one-sheet to tell people how to write … no thanks.

Just let writers write the characters they want without giving them a useless sheet of checkboxes to tick for diversity points. https://t.co/I8I5LAW6tA

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 6, 2018

Bingo. Writers have lost their ability to just be entertaining because SJWs for whatever reason want everything out there to have some sort of political slant. Which is so dumb; many people watch TV or movies to get away from the noise, not for some great lesson in diversity.

This is why shows suck. https://t.co/FoK80AyqJI

— Nick Searcy, SUPER ELITE INT’L FILM AND TV STAR (@yesnicksearcy) July 6, 2018

What he said.

Lol.. 3rd from the bottom… if u have a black female character make sure she is sexual and swears often..?.. i mean thats str8 up gf material …but seems out of place on this list. Im confused.

— Simon Chylinski ☢️ サイモン (@Sy1K1) July 6, 2018

The points are ridiculous.

Actually, the whole sheet is.

Plus the whole point of fiction is to NOT mirror reality.

— Andra Marquardt (@almarquardt) July 6, 2018

We get enough reality in our everyday lives.

Body type must mirror statistical averages… but everything else must mirror how we perceive women and not reality. /s

— Patrick (@Sh00pDaWh00p) July 6, 2018

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

Good Lord. Who would have thought the creative process would become so unnecessarily exhausting. These people really are joyless nags determined to ruin everything.

— Bee 🐝 (@infobee) July 6, 2018

‘Joyless nags’ is a phrase that perfectly sums up the entire SJW movement.


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