Ezra Klein brings up visual of five men overturning Roe v. Wade, gets history lesson

This is a bit like Howard Dean’s meltdown Monday that the Supreme Court “was killed” when it decided Bush v. Gore back in 2000 and forever lost all credibility. We don’t remember Dean complaining, though, when the Supreme Court decided things like same-sex marriage during the Obama administration. Funny how that works.

Now we have Vox founder Ezra Klein, who’s been doing a lot of concern-tweeting about “fixing” the broken and increasingly “anti-democratic” Supreme Court. Imagine this visual:

It’s going to be quite a visual when five men overturn Roe. https://t.co/inbITwHYy8

— Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) July 10, 2018

Misogyny is a helluva drug. https://t.co/uaHZeqHs5L

— Miranda Yaver (@mirandayaver) July 10, 2018

When five men overturn Roe? Um, what about the visual when Roe v. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court?

As good as the visual when seven men decided it? https://t.co/9n47xkB9Ip

— Alexandra DeSanctis (@xan_desanctis) July 10, 2018

It was also quite a visual when 7 men decided in favor of Roe. https://t.co/G26Tt0mznb

— Cameron Wallace (@cam_wallaceee) July 10, 2018

It will be better than visual in 1973 when seven men invented a constitutional right out of thin air and disenfranchised the entire nation of deciding for themselves electorally on the question of abortion. https://t.co/fWiArVqAe3

— The Liberalist (@LBLRLST) July 10, 2018

It’s going to be quite a visual when Ezra Klein learns how to use a simple Google search and read Wikipedia. https://t.co/q0VODPwWGq

— El Presidente (@ElPresidenteDM) July 10, 2018

Seven men decided Roe https://t.co/8y6M8M5m6R

— Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) July 10, 2018

Why? It was seven MEN who put Roe into place in the first place. https://t.co/gofqwdMOFx

— Brent Jensen (@BnkLawyer) July 10, 2018

But wouldn’t that be an example of men exercising control over women’s “reproductive health?” It’s gotta be overturned on that basis alone.

It won’t, really. It’ll be five dudes in black robes revoking a horrific decision by seven dead dudes in black robes. https://t.co/LjlYBT0OTd

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) July 10, 2018

A male majority decided the original case, dum dum. #ScotusPick https://t.co/tz0qRNzEWg

— Sister Toldjah 🤔 (@sistertoldjah) July 10, 2018

Men put Roe into place, since you aparently have a bad memory. https://t.co/xIzB3uNhaM

— Steven Shaw (@dd_coeus) July 10, 2018

Did you have a problem when seven men initially ruled for it? https://t.co/QCRndo1kpU

— OccupyDemocratsLogic (@DemocratsLogic) July 10, 2018

This tweet is so embarrassing for @ezraklein.

Do you know who decided Roe in the first place?! SEVEN MEN

Yes, quite a visual that 7 men made it easier for men to use women with 0 consequences, and for women to allow themselves to be used. https://t.co/v25ETCXeee

— Sarah Coffey ☕️ (@sarahccoffey17) July 10, 2018

Imagine tweeting this, when Roe was originally decided by seven men. https://t.co/ldPvTK73GR

— Dan Thompson (@DK_Thompson) July 10, 2018

It’s officially lit o’clock on Twitter with the hot takes https://t.co/1Geopx6L4W

— Jeff Billman (@jronaldbillman) July 10, 2018

Here’s a hot take: who cares about the “visual,” besides all the hysterical protesters running around in “Handmaid’s Tale” cosplay?


UH OH! Ezra Klein’s spots something VERY ‘dangerous’ about the Supreme Court (now) https://t.co/iiIreq0lSJ

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) July 9, 2018

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