WTF? This was DEFINITELY the most ‘creepy’ part of Peter Strzok’s testimony (the gif will haunt your dreams)

For some reason it seems fitting that the long and raucous House hearing with FBI agent Peter Strzok wouldn’t have been complete without inspiring a short video and gif that might make your skin crawl, and sure enough, it was delivered:

I foresee this being used as a meme or gif. #Creepy #Strzok #FoxNews

— Holly Bowie (@Hollybowie) July 12, 2018

Creeped out a little? Try it in gif form:

…I don’t think sooo..
..OH YEAHHH!#Strzok #StrzokHearing

— Pat Philbin (@PatFrmMoonachie) July 12, 2018

#StrozkHearing #Psychopath

— Ed ☯️ Humilitatem (@DowdEdward) July 13, 2018

That look you give when you’ve screwed the entire country on live TV.

— thatbotmike (@thatbotmike) July 13, 2018

What. The. Hell.

Is this actually real or has it been manipulated in some way?

— Robert Morgan (@chunga1958) July 13, 2018

Completely real. I personally recorded it from my tv. I was so shocked when I saw it and played it back. I only cut the first part of the arguing. This is the full recording I captured. I couldn’t believe it.

— Holly Bowie (@Hollybowie) July 13, 2018

Did he….good lord…did he just do that…who does this!? A high ranking FBI Official behaves like this? Apparently so.

— Shellyanne Helm (@lifejacket4tink) July 13, 2018

Well that’s certainly… something.

Your new #Resistance icon.

— JWF (@JammieWF) July 13, 2018

How long before Strzok’s getting job offers from MSNBC?

We should play this over and over again before the elections. #maga #tcot

— Ned Ryun (@nedryun) July 13, 2018

The Republicans should run it 24×7

— I Hate The Media (@ihatethemedia) July 13, 2018

So many meme possibilities, so little time.

— @FoxieNews 🇺🇸 (@FoxieNews) July 13, 2018

#creepy is an understatement #thisguy #Strzok

— Jeanne Baratta (@JeanneBaratta) July 13, 2018

This is hilariously bizarre. Maybe he thought he was in a musical for a few seconds?

— Peter Cook (@_Peter_Cook) July 13, 2018

The most disturbing thing I’ve found on Twitter today.

— Tim Fitzgerald (@LifeofFitz) July 13, 2018

I see where this is headed

🇺🇸VQQDQQ (@VQQDQQ) July 13, 2018

And there’s now even a remix:

Peter Strzok is sick.

— thatbotmike (@thatbotmike) July 13, 2018


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