‘Not even remotely true’: Bogus tweet on impeachment for treason racks up more than 20,000 likes

Here’s some wishful thinking that might even back up Scott Dworkin’s hope that Hillary Clinton will just “take over” and deal with Vladimir Putin once and for all. What, did she fix the translation on that “reset button?”

Here’s how it works: If President Trump is impeached for treason, then Vice President Mike Pence and all civil officers will be removed from office too, clearing the decks for President Hillary.

It’s an unverified account, but it’s racked up more than 22,000 likes since Tuesday:

Article II Section 4: If the president is impeached for treason, the vice president and all civil officers shall be removed.

— ANGRY NAVAL OFFICER (@BlueGhost40_) July 17, 2018

No, that’s not what it says. https://t.co/N2HpOk7gjY

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) July 18, 2018

Um, that’s not how any of this works.

This has nearly 10,000 retweets, but is based on a very bad misreading of the article https://t.co/rVvU65cE81

— Alex Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) July 18, 2018

In your fevered dreams?

— Stacey Lennox (@ScotsFyre) July 18, 2018

#ConLawTwitter might be the very worst Twitter of them all. #ThatsNotHowItWorks https://t.co/eJiBk5NGSH

— Conservative Review (@CR) July 18, 2018

That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works. https://t.co/QnmpFaRmLS

— Instapundit.com (@instapundit) July 18, 2018

This is absolutely true in several of the Empire fanfic novels, but not generally accepted as canon in the larger Star Wars universe. https://t.co/fKvJhg7qIN

— Jazz Shaw (@JazzShaw) July 18, 2018

What Article II Section 4 actually says:

“The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Nice try, fraud. https://t.co/o7gJ7Egyvn

— RBe (@RBPundit) July 18, 2018

No, each has to be indicted, charged and prosecuted individually.

— Jeffrey Jump (@jeffrey_jump) July 17, 2018

This is the second time I’ve seen this. ITS FALSE. That is the list of folks that can be impeached. You have to impeach them ONE AT A TIME. https://t.co/vehQdHY3oO

— Dirk Schwenk (@DirkSchwenk) July 17, 2018

What copy of the Constitution did you get that from? ’cause I think your bookstore sold you a bad one.

— Andrew S. (@shoutingboy) July 18, 2018

19k likes. Not even remotely true. Twitter Con Law is the best con law. https://t.co/q9VNZT2M3F

— Scott Greenfield (@ScottGreenfield) July 18, 2018

Even Snopes knows it’s bullshit. https://t.co/nFeTb6hfIB

— Jim Rose🥤 (@JimRoseVSOP) July 18, 2018

Kind of incredible. Totally false, and 22K likes. https://t.co/tGInuT7NzG

— James Surowiecki (@JamesSurowiecki) July 18, 2018

Hey, Twitter. Didn’t you just say that “fake news” is your number one priority right now?

Honestly, I’m almost impressed by the level of stupidity it takes to tweet this. https://t.co/wfXKCcxYSA

— James Hasson (@JamesHasson20) July 18, 2018

It says no such thing and this is pure fiction.

Judge this person’s credibility moving forward based on this completely fabricated tweet. https://t.co/SVqajk2nsH

— Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) July 18, 2018

This is wrong, yet has almost 10 RT’s. Don’t they teach the Consitution at the Naval academy??? https://t.co/rIOZHz7fbj

— ConservativeBlackMan 🇯🇲🇺🇸 (@NevilleD35) July 18, 2018

“Gulf War Vet and DOD contractor” and doesn’t have the basic knowledge of the Constitution. This is just sad. This is the kind of guy who would have used the “I was just following orders” defense, under a President he liked. https://t.co/3EWblcNl5o

— GOP Pouncer⚡ (@Mellecon) July 18, 2018

I didn’t go to law school and even I know this is bullshit. That’s not at all what it says https://t.co/3WokctqMCT

— The Good J. Perry (@RealJacobPerry) July 18, 2018

Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. https://t.co/fHovneWu7r

— Evan (@polyov_dev) July 18, 2018

LOL no. You’re an idiot, but hey you got massive action with this tweet.

Says more about the incurious, constitutionally illiterate idiots retweeting you than it does about you, however. https://t.co/F1GHdg0Elq

— Snake Plisskenish (@_CrotalusAtrox_) July 18, 2018

Not remotely accurate but sure https://t.co/RBC8jymNaC

— Associate Justice Aivaz. (@VegasRebs) July 18, 2018

How do adults believe this nonsense? https://t.co/5PDH08NyLM

— Theo L. (@TDLAmagi) July 18, 2018

This tweet is a LIE. People have told him. I’ve asked him to delete it. He has not deleted & continues allowing LIE to be retweeted. Maybe he thinks retweet numbers are more important than truth. I’m tired of seeing this LIE. https://t.co/9oCMIXcJHM

— 1 Froggy Evening (@1FroggyEvening) July 18, 2018

More Hillary Clinton Fan Fiction. https://t.co/uetCvVFiVb

— Kawhi Leonard Ass To Toronto Hitler (@Unkle_Monkee) July 18, 2018


‘Mainstream and dangerous’: Glenn Greenwald warns both sides to back off of the ‘treason’ rhetoric https://t.co/dmlJHCflBa

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) July 18, 2018

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