He’s gonna CRY! Brian Stelter’s claim that Trump is leading a hate movement BACKFIRES with lots of tiny violins

Like Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter is his own worst enemy.

He had to know to tweet this interview would not go well … it’s almost as if he’s doing what he can to perpetuate this ‘hate movement’ he claims Trump is leading on the media. All he really has to do is stop whining and pushing a narrative that quite frankly is very self-destructive and cover the news.

For real.

It’s only personal because the media made it personal.

Trump’s tweets about the media are downright dehumanizing. He sounds like he’s trying to strip away our legitimacy and indeed our humanity. He is leading a “hate movement.” https://t.co/2EcevrXn7a

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) August 5, 2018


Funny how Brian is all about interviewing Scaramucci … now.

Guess how people responded to this tweet.


— Mujahed (@kebejay) August 5, 2018


You’re too generous! pic.twitter.com/jGqXrfpA6m

— Just L (aka Belaglik von Biddy) (@JustLittleOldL) August 6, 2018

Tiny, tiny violins.

The First Amendment protects the presidents right to hate the press and to peaceably express that hatred. Cc @DocWashburn

— (((Aaron Worthing))) (@AaronWorthing) August 6, 2018

That mean ol’ First Amendment.

When you put this lie out there … and stubbornly refuse to correct it … that strips away your legitimacy far more than Trump could over hope to.pic.twitter.com/VLvRmAEfMB

— David Henry (@imau2fan) August 6, 2018

CNN and the media really and truly did this to themselves.

Just like Hillary Clinton calling people “deplorable” and “irredeemable”. Just like Barack Obama calling Republicans “enemies” who should be “punished”. Just like calling innocent people fascists, Nazis and racists.

Your friends invented this tactic. Don’t cry about it now.

— Plastic Straw Rebel (@corrcomm) August 6, 2018

Get the man a tissue, would ya’?

nope. u did that all by ur little lonesome. 👍🏻😊 keep it up though. good job.

— Grace Vasquez (@itsYourGrace) August 6, 2018


Remember when the media blamed the NRA for Parkland? That was pretty dehumanizing.

By the way, trained monkey, whenxs the townhall to correc5 everything you guys got wrong on Parkland?https://t.co/gkfpCfzVSF

— Jake R. (@jaker1419) August 6, 2018

Remember when Brian had David Hogg on and he allowed the kid to lie endlessly and shamelesslu for the entire segment?

We do.

Have a tissue, Frances, & look upon what you have done to yourself

— Boris_Badenoff (@Boris_Badenoff) August 6, 2018

How can we hate something that is completely irrelevant. Lol.

— Grateful_Mom (@mom_grateful) August 6, 2018

Grow a thicker skin. The world doesn’t owe you praise or anything.

— Slough Feg (@_SpacePirate__) August 6, 2018

In other words, grow a pair.

The irony of you complaining about a “hate movement” while working for @CNN is just classic.

— Michael McCroskey (@MikeMcCroskey) August 6, 2018


Here’s an idea: do better! If you feel like your value is being threatened, it’s because your industry is presently a garbagefest. Rise to the challenge! Be more objective… ruthlessly remove bias from your work… make it unimpeachable.

— Robert McLaws (@robertmclaws) August 6, 2018

Here’s the thing. We don’t need you. There’s a gazillion ways to confirm truth without your agenda driven narrative being forced on viewers.

— AL Spock (@DEfortheBG) August 6, 2018

Dear Mommy, Trump hates me. Love, Bri Bri.

— Space Force SkzDaLimit (@skzdalimit) August 6, 2018

Move over Acosta, Brian has a diary too!


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