‘Share this with Jim Acosta’! DC reporter’s ‘refreshing approach to journalism’ earns HUGE round of applause

The number of people who go by the title “journalist” but who make their personal opinions loud and clear has skyrocketed since the election of Donald Trump as president. NBC4 DC reporter Shomari Stone sees the purpose of the job differently than some of his media colleagues:

Some of you send me DMs asking my personal opinions about Trump, race relations & politics. It’s a waste of your time asking. I am a journalist. I’m not a commentator or pundit. I report the news objectively, fairly and keep my opinions to myself. Hope this helps you understand.

— Shomari Stone (@shomaristone) August 5, 2018

Many think there are a lot of people who fancy themselves as reporters who should strive for that standard.

This https://t.co/LtO0yOdaa0

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) August 6, 2018

The press could use more of this approach. https://t.co/iVYMaxxbpb

— David Pinsen (@dpinsen) August 6, 2018

For sure.

CanYou please share this with Jim Acosta

— willyinkc (@willyinkc) August 5, 2018

I think a lot of “journalists” in the MSM should take some pointers from @shomaristone. Good for you, Shomari https://t.co/fMtAWdsWXI

— Storm Paglia 🇺🇸 (@storm_paglia) August 6, 2018

I wish more journalists practiced that type of reporting and left their opinions to the Op-Ed page.

— Maxine Feinberg (@maxinedds) August 6, 2018

That’s why I follow you, keep up the good work sir 👍🏾

— Mr L. Smith (@MrLSmith21) August 5, 2018

What a refreshing approach to journalism. And far too rare. https://t.co/Xf7dnhnzcy

— Katie McKernan (@katie_mckernan) August 6, 2018

This is what journalism looks like.. Take note @Acosta https://t.co/6mj3Lbbinb

— Will. Power (@KIR_bigg50) August 5, 2018

I wish some of his colleagues would do the same. https://t.co/QJNmgLJmYo

— Jennifer O O’Connell (@asthegirlturns) August 6, 2018

For the love of God, somebody please get this man a job teaching journalism in college! #HowToDoJournalismLikeAProfessional #NothingButRespect #HeyMSMAreYouListening

— Ralph Martins (@ralphmartins) August 5, 2018

How refreshing!

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