‘Bless your martyred heart’ Michelle Malkin SAVAGED Brian Stelter for whining ‘threats against media’ on the rise

Brian Stelter opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it … again.

Does he really think he’s special for getting threats in this environment? B*TCH PLEASE. Ok, gotta play the sex card SORRY but as a Conservative woman, this editor can tell you a thing or TWENTY about getting threatened, harassed, stalked, and tormented DAILY.

Because when a woman dares step off that progressive plantation GUESS WHAT? We’re a target.

Don’t take this editor’s word for it, Michelle Malkin said it perfectly:

“On the rise?” Narcissism, thy name is Stelter.
The rape, kidnapping & death threats I’ve received for, oh, the last 25 yrs would melt your face off.
*Every* conservative female author/commentator in public square will tell you the same.
But bless your martyred heart. https://t.co/aeudHM26fc

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) August 6, 2018

Boo freakin’ hoo, Bri.

I am sorry you’ve had to grapple with that. Yes, many reporters, especially those who cover politics, say they are receiving more threats than they did 2/3/4 years ago. So that’s what I reported yesterday. I ALSO said there’ve always been unhinged people in the world.

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) August 6, 2018

When you’re done tweeting why don’t you cry us a river, k?


Yep, @Disney & media libs love their serial misogynist! #HateIsUnacceptableExceptIfYouOpenlyHateConservativeWomen#RespectAllWomenExceptConservativeOneshttps://t.co/dH1wScarmIhttps://t.co/SMLbjbRKzh https://t.co/F2fFSxuL5J

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) August 6, 2018


Kyle Kashuv also called him out PERFECTLY:

Hi @brianstelter! You claim to care about free speech and hate when people are attacked for using 1A, so I expect you’ll be covering @charliekirk11 getting attacked by Antifa, right? You know, because otherwise, you’d be a hypocrite…https://t.co/NrUoLT7CL3 https://t.co/rys7CU9vMI

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) August 6, 2018

Oh, that nugget. Yup, Charlie Kirk and Candace Owen were attacked for just trying to eat breakfast this morning.


So I listened to this guy from CNN, I don’t consider what that guy said on C-Span a viable threat, if it was, he wouldn’t have said it there. This is martyrdom and an attempt to blame the President. Quite frankly, I couldn’t watch CNN before Trump, I still can’t.

— Tony Battista (@tonyb823) August 6, 2018

C’mon, they’re the real victims!

I don’t think anyone is claiming this is “new.” The concern is that it’s getting much worse, partly due to the president’s extremist rhetoric. You mentioned your fellow conservative commentators, but this transcends politics. I hope we can agree on that.

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) August 6, 2018

You’re certainly reporting it to make it appear new. Just like Trump having dementia. You toe the line, then deflect when called out.

— Sean Cooan (@MinnTrusty) August 6, 2018

He’s certainly reporting on it to make himself the center of attention.

Perhaps he should take a gander at Dana Loesch’s timeline?

Why don’t they spotlight actual journalists getting killed in Mexico that spills over into our country. @BreitbartTexas and @ProducerKen have some great information on this. “Journalists” now try to be the news instead of report the news.

— HoustonHaynes (@HtownHorn) August 6, 2018

What a bunch of entitled, self-centered crybabies.

Conservative women don’t count to MSM….https://t.co/f9k7z3p7kO

— Scott D. Roberts (@Braint10) August 6, 2018

This. ^

And like Michelle said, it’s not on the rise if you’re a Conservative woman, it’s the status quo.

PS: Sorry for the caps … Bri ticked this editor off. Heh.


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