D’OH! Michael Moore rolls out promo for new anti-Trump documentary, flattens Obama & Dems in the process

Michael Moore’s promo effort for his new documentary, “Fahrenheit 11/9,” has begun:

In the trailer for “Fahrenheit 11/9,” Michael Moore sprays water from Flint, Mich. all over the front yard of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder https://t.co/Yp1bEym7dw pic.twitter.com/k5hv1zwc9s

— Variety (@Variety) August 9, 2018

The filmmaker who was tight with Hugo Chavez spoke of his love of America and how enraged he’s become since the election of Trump:

And it’s not just Trump or the Gov that poisoned Flint who’ll wish I’d made that rom-com I’ve been dying to make. Like all of you, I’m on fire. This film is the result of my rage & my love for what may still be possible for the United States & 4 the Democracy we never truly had. https://t.co/W44aQPXUur

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) August 10, 2018

Perhaps America never had a democracy because it’s a constitutional republic, but we digress.

The title is a play on Moore’s biggest documentary released in the early 2000s and which tried to sound the alarm about George W. Bush:

Forever 2002. https://t.co/yxnk0lLYMH

— Chad Felix Greene (@chadfelixg) August 10, 2018

Your 15 minutes were up back on 2002. Go away. https://t.co/0ef5MzH0Tw

— Deleterious Stranger (@intmtnsp) August 10, 2018

So Moore flipped the numbers around to sound the alarm about Trump, but a certain former president also gets caught up in the mix:

If Trump poisoned Flint, Obama started the Iraq War. https://t.co/7pzkhXvbef

— ⚓️Old Submariner🇺🇸❌ (@BerrinAndro) August 11, 2018

Was Trump even in Office yet when the Flint issue happened? https://t.co/20uTOLLxFz

— Frank Hastings (@flhastings19) August 10, 2018

Flint happened in 2014. Who was the president then? https://t.co/tYGvOWip2V

— Space Elf, Instigator of Madness, Herald of Chaos (@TheRogue_Elf) August 10, 2018

Not unlike many in the media, some lefties’ seem unable to remember much of anything before Trump won the election.

POTUS Trump poisoned nothing but you already know that. Decades of local mismanagement did but that wouldn’t fit your narrative. BTW, Flint has been granted $100 million to fix this, something else you probably won’t talk a lot about.https://t.co/F4QO06PUs5

— Dennis Davis (@TheDennisDavis) August 10, 2018

Trump was responsible for the Flint water situation?.. wasn’t that during the prior admin?

— thenyislander (@BrooklynGranite) August 10, 2018

That Government you mention is OBAMA. It’s alright, go ahead and say it.
D. E. M. O. C. R. A. T. S https://t.co/ywwrwqcwaH

— Drain the Swamp 💄👠💖💖 (@Rockincvf) August 10, 2018

He’s trying so very hard.

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