OOF: WaPo fact checks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and it’s BRUTAL (guaranteed to tick off her fans)

New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made a lot of claims in recent days, and a Washington Post fact check by Glenn Kessler took a look at some. The results aren’t good for the “Democratic Socialist” rock star on the Left:

Fact-checking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

“Everyone has two jobs”
(Only 5.2% do)

ICE required to detain 34,000 ppl each day

Upper-middle class doesn’t exist
(It’s grown 16%)

Medicare for all is cheaper
(It would cost $33 trillion over 10 years)https://t.co/veoFEC4ppX

— JM Rieger (@RiegerReport) August 11, 2018

Ouch! And let’s not forget all the money saved by not having funerals, or something.

How might Ocasio-Cortez response?

Stop catcalling

— Dan Stringer, FUD Secured (@Danstringer74) August 11, 2018


Yeah but still … she’s a rock star, yo! https://t.co/iqskmjjbca

— Christian Toto (@HollywoodInToto) August 11, 2018

Definitely, and many on the Left are going to be triggered by that fact check.

This is such a hatchet job “fact check.” It’s more of a cherry picking exercise. Sure, she has said some things that may be hyperbolic or not “to the letter” accurate. But to treat statements in random interviews as though they’re part of a policy white paper is disingenuous.

— Alex Carey (@alexcareylcsw) August 11, 2018

Stating the projected cost of Medicare for All doesn’t make her statement about it being cheaper untrue.

— fumblerooski (@fumbler00ski) August 11, 2018

33,000,000,000 would be cheaper though, this is a stupid and bad tweet.

— Samuel 🌐 (@Samuel_1851) August 11, 2018

Hey Doofus, $33T over ten years would be the best deal of our lives compared to $40T+ we’re already paying.

— TheWorld (@EnuffizEnuph) August 11, 2018

Try fact checking this ass-hat.

Yeah, not enough hours in the day for that, is there? pic.twitter.com/7FQlCH5s7F

— manic monkey mind (@manicmonkeymind) August 11, 2018

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