“Resign in shame”: Broward Sheriff Scott Israel puts his face on back-to-school safety tips

While Parkland activist David Hogg and supporters were protesting in front of the empty NRA headquarters on a Saturday afternoon, the rest of the country was reading about yet another failure in the system that allowed the Parkland school shooter to go free.

That report was quickly followed by the conclusions reached by the commission investigating the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School; in short, the gunman had to stop to reload several times, giving anyone with a weapon ample opportunity to have stopped him. The armed deputy in charge of securing the school waited outside while shots rang out, however.

So pro-Second Amendment Parkland activist Kyle Kashuv wasn’t thrilled to see Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel’s face on a list of back-to-school safety tips.

You’re an absolute disgrace. Putting your face on anything to do with “school safety” is a slap in the face to my classmates and 17 families that are still mourning.

Resign in shame, you self aggrandizing coward. https://t.co/bRyKfNxIwr

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) August 11, 2018

With all of that it seems like somebody in their press department came up with that bright idea. That isn’t even unreal, it is surreal.

It seems as if @browardsheriff is trying to poke fun at my classmates. Utterly abhorrent.

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) August 11, 2018

How in the hell did this guy keep his job? Hey CNN, is it time for that follow-up town hall with Israel now that we know the whole story?

LOL you clown

— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) August 11, 2018

I can’t believe he still has a job. #fixit

— Josh Campbell (@campbell11j) August 11, 2018

Tip Number One: Have a Sheriff’s department that doesn’t run away from criminal acts.

— Banastre Tarleton (@BloodyBan) August 11, 2018

Tip Number Two: When several people report criminal acts done by a student, take them seriously.

— Banastre Tarleton (@BloodyBan) August 11, 2018

One more safety tip: Don’t trust the Sheriff or the FBI to take care of you.

— BetaNipson (@BetaNipson) August 11, 2018

That is the most important tip. The @FBI has dropped a lot of balls in the last few years. But this was the biggest F up in the history of law enforcement. Embarrassment to America.

— Fireball Clem (@HomerBr11334245) August 11, 2018

The nerve of @browardsheriff to put his face on a school safety flyer. Does he have no sense of shame?

— Ben ⚡️ (@BenENewton) August 11, 2018

The audacity of this clown. When is the joke of a sheriff up for re-election? #CowardofBroward

— DQ 🇺🇸 (@DQuesada) August 11, 2018

You are the reason those kids died. This requires incredible nerve and tone-deafness.

— Pat H (@PatHarrigan1) August 11, 2018

You really put your face on school safety flyer? Shame on you. No child is safe with you.

— Miss Reaper 🖤 (@LittleReaper44) August 11, 2018

Wow… this is a bad bad look

— Terrible Tile LLC (@terribletileLLC) August 11, 2018

I cannot fathom the brain process you went through to decide it was a good idea to put your face and name on a school safety pamphlet. You literally can’t do a single thing without trying to draw attention to yourself can you?

— I’m Not Who You Think I Am (@ConMillenial1) August 11, 2018

What a joke..where were you and your associates when MSD high was getting shot up?? Oh that’s right..standing outside..the only thing you know about safety is keeping yourself safe.

— Alice G. (@AlicetheHellion) August 11, 2018

Yep … it was the Coral Springs Police Department that actually entered the building to assess the situation and rescue the injured.

Sheriff Scott’s REAL Safety Tip: Move to a school outside my jusrisdiction.

— RachelBuckyQ (@q_bucky) August 11, 2018

Wow, talking about hubris AND phone numbers? To call who? The list is long of the agencies that were alerted about Cruz MANY times and did nothing.
I’m sorry Kyle, this has gotta sting.

— Tammy (@TotalBeachin) August 11, 2018

Only thing his face should be on is a wanted poster.

— Deplorable Towel (@dtowelie) August 11, 2018


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