Will they EVER learn? WaPo’s coverage of Charlottesville is EXACTLY why Trump supporters dislike the media

A story can be told in many different ways.

The Washington Post decided to tell the story of last night’s developments in Charlottesville, Va. with undertones of “overpolicing” and provocation.

Confusion over an enormous police presence turned into anger Saturday night in Charlottesville as hundreds of protesters marched through the streets, growing angry at police and calling for an end to white supremacy. https://t.co/C8PwrEYoVL pic.twitter.com/VayIKa6yBJ

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) August 12, 2018

There should be no confusion about the fact that police are in place to prevent the kind of destruction and property damage that Antifa protesters engage in with regularity.

And apparently, the media are now targets of their violence as well.

Left-wing Antifa Thugs Attack Media and Police in Charlottesville https://t.co/WCENMQQ4Zj

— Townhall.com (@townhallcom) August 12, 2018

But those actions (even attacks on members of the press) were not enough to deter the Washington Post from publishing its overpolicing narrative.

Protesters gathered, where a year ago white supremacists had shouted anti-Semitic slogans and carried torches, and chanted slogans against the police, against white supremacy, and the University of Virginia. https://t.co/C8PwrEYoVL pic.twitter.com/VhNLqj69fH

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) August 12, 2018

Many protesters called the police’s actions on Saturday a provocation — another symbol of the overpolicing of America — and started chanting at the officers, who were holding shields and wearing helmets. https://t.co/C8PwrEYoVL pic.twitter.com/m7X4pKkFDr

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) August 12, 2018

Lines such as “many protesters called the police’s actions on Saturday a provocation” are precisely why Trump supporters have a distrust and dislike for much of the media.

The media sides with people who hate the cops that protect us.

Understand that the liberal media is your enemy. https://t.co/lGbWz1Nsds

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) August 12, 2018

Doing their job is a “provocation.” https://t.co/yhXR3uuDDt

— Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) August 12, 2018

And with video of the events available to everyone via social media, there really isn’t a need to have the Washington Post explain what happened.

Just incredible how they manipulate these stories knowing full well what we have all seen surrounding this event. https://t.co/M7lxsh7SnP

— Chad Felix Greene (@chadfelixg) August 12, 2018

One has to wonder why in this day of dying newspapers and the rise of personal media platforms, mainstream outlets continue to anger a large swath of the population by sympathizing with violent and destructive protesters.


Protesters observe “Unite the Right” rally anniversary with “All cops are racist” chant (video) https://t.co/t62ldKD2lI

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) August 12, 2018

But TRUMP rallies! WATCH Antifa protesters attack NBC reporter and his crew in Charlottesville https://t.co/OSTnII6xMv via @twitchyteam

— The🐰Foo (@PolitiBunny) August 12, 2018

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