LOCK HER UP, part II: Did Omarosa break federal law when she recorded John Kelly in the Situation Room?

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) is calling for a congressional investigation of Omarosa after this morning big reveal on “Meet the Press” that the former White House adviser had secretly taped chief of staff John Kelly firing her in the super-secure White House Situation room:

Breaking: @RepCummings plans to look into the national security issue of Omarosa taping conversations in places where cell phones are not allowed like the Situation Room and the Oval Office among other places. This is potentially a national security issue!

— AprilDRyan (@AprilDRyan) August 12, 2018

But it’s not just a possible national security issue. GOP chair Ronna McDaniel called for criminal prosecution of Omarosa if “she broke federal law”:

Secretly recording conversations in the Situation Room isn’t just wildly inappropriate, it’s a threat to our national security. If she broke federal law, she should be prosecuted.

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) August 12, 2018

Although it’s not exactly clear if Omarosa did break any laws, Norm Eisen, President Obama’s ethics czar, says her tapes are property of the U.S.:

Omarosa tapes are property of the US under 42 USC 2202, & there are criminal penalties for “whoever..steals, purloins, or knowingly converts to his use any record…or thing of value of the US….” 18 USC 641. Prosecution unlikely —but I’d still be resting uneasily if I were her.

— Norm Eisen (@NormEisen) August 12, 2018

But it doesn’t sound like Omarosa is in any real legal jeopardy:

I actually didn’t realize Omarosa didn’t hold any kind of security clearance. That makes it hard to understand why they were in Situation Room but also means it is far less than “likely” that she violated federal law as opposed to just breaking dozens of rules and regulations.

— Susan Hennessey (@Susan_Hennessey) August 12, 2018

IMHO, no, it’s not a crime in and of itself

— Bradley P. Moss (@BradMossEsq) August 12, 2018

As I said. #AJAlwaysRight Nonetheless, embarrassingly high number of Twitter-lawyers and real-life lawyers shrieking that Omarosa better “lawyer up.” I saw one tweet claim she would be in federal custody by next week https://t.co/siswC3GOC8

— A.J. Delgado (@AJDelgado13) August 12, 2018

But it was an incredible “disregard for our national security.” The latest from Sarah Sanders:

Per pool, new quote out from Sarah Sanders about Omarosa’s appearance on Meet The Press this morning: pic.twitter.com/3Qv3a3GAmU

— Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) August 12, 2018



SHOTS FIRED: Sarah Sanders tells Omarosa EXACTLY what she thinks of her https://t.co/iuyXZKUFyz

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) August 10, 2018

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— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) August 10, 2018

‘FLAT-OUT FALSE’! Frank Luntz SHOOTS DOWN Omarosa’s ‘N-word’ claim involving him and Trump https://t.co/eQXqauMFxX

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