‘Is THIS where we’re at?’ Actor Vincent D’Onofrio’s pre-emptive caving to the Outrage Mob is just plain ‘SAD’

The Outrage Mob can be nasty as hell, so it’s no surprise that some people want to try to get out in front of it.

Still, this tweet from actor Vincent D’Onofrio is a pretty damning indicator of the pathetic state of things right now:

I am going to ask a question to everyone that cares to answer it. I have an opinion which I will not reveal. Is Now the right time (considering the world in which live right now) for me to play a real to life characte who is irredeemable racist in a dramatic series?

— Vincent D’Onofrio (@vincentdonofrio) August 11, 2018

He’s literally asking his Twitter followers if it’s OK for him to pretend to be an awful person on TV.

When you’re so paralyzed by fear of mob outrage that you ask Twitter for permission to play a bad person on TV. pic.twitter.com/VDHcD7tppl

— neontaster 🐉🎲🐺 (@neontaster) August 12, 2018

Welcome to 2018 where actors are so afraid of Internet Hate mobs they have to ask permission from their audience to play a certain character

— Satsu2Undersubbed (@Satsu2Cents) August 12, 2018



— Arthur Normanson 🚒💦🔥 (@artstop) August 12, 2018

as someone who follows this guy this whole thread is heartbreaking
and disappointing

🐇Bad Rabbit🐇 (@MyBadRabbit) August 12, 2018

No kidding:

sadly whatever he does will be not enough pic.twitter.com/sCz5kSW2gl

— M (@Mario__2D) August 13, 2018

It’s never enough. The outrage mob won’t rest until they’ve got everyone’s head on a pike.

Dude, the fact that he even had to ask…

— AnnaZ (@AnnaZ) August 12, 2018

Translation: G-guys… uh… can… can I please make a living? Uh… Please?


— Pablo The Chihuahua (@Pablo_Chihuahua) August 12, 2018

dude, this is silly.

— OκULTRA XP (@0K_ultra) August 12, 2018


— antihero_kate (@antihero_kate) August 12, 2018

Is this where we’re at???#Idiocracy pic.twitter.com/xLK2GdPpju

— Leqsee (@Leqsee) August 12, 2018

Sad times we live in.

— Fabio Monte (@monteirf) August 12, 2018

Here’s a thought:

Play any role you like. You don’t owe it to anyone to waste precious days/months/years of your life virtue signaling.

— Susan 🌎 (@shoshido) August 12, 2018

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