IT’S A TRAP! Adam Baldwin, others encourage Kris Paronto to neither DM nor trust WaPo reporter

Not long after dropping the MOAB on former President Barack Obama for referring in his speech in Illinois to Benghazi (you know, the spontaneous protest inspired by a YouTube video) as a “wild conspiracy theory,” Paronto was suspended by Twitter and forced to delete a tweet where he mocked a Twitter rando for tweeting to SEAL Team 6 member Robert O’Neill that it was Barack Obama who killed Osama bin Laden.

We’re not sure if any of that is on Washington Post reporter Alex Horton’s mind, but he’d like Paronto to follow him so they can direct message. Horton’s bio says he’s an Iraq vet who previously worked at Stars and Stripes, but people are pretty leery, including Adam Baldwin.

It’s A Trap!

— Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) September 10, 2018

You’d better flush out your head, new guy.

— Alex Horton (@AlexHortonTX) September 10, 2018

Or maybe ask yourself … why would someone like Paronto be wary of speaking to a Washington Post reporter?

Left-wing blog = Trap!

— Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) September 10, 2018

You’re a real comedian.

— Alex Horton (@AlexHortonTX) September 10, 2018

He is; we love to feature his tweets.

@KrisParonto, @AdamBaldwin is right.

Instead of DMing a person wanting to do a hit piece on you, contact @marklevinshow and @seanhannity. Make the writer write a story based on one of THEM interviewing you.

In fact, block @AlexHortonTX. Life will be better.

— Ian (@BOER_Warrior) September 10, 2018

Stay away, far away

— Stephen McLean (@sfm_42) September 10, 2018

Hi Kris…

We’d like to misquote you…badly.

Then paint you as racist…#CallMe 😉👍

— Parker Lewis (@PLewisTX) September 10, 2018

“Hey Kris, would you mind giving me some comments I can then selectively edit and take out of context while implying you’re a racist?”

— Not That Guy (@TakeHowWithYou) September 10, 2018

Oh, sure, a Washington Post “reporter” sure wouldn’t take the words of an American hero and try to twist them into something to attack Trump or conservatives, huh? Gosh, never.

— Warner Todd Huston (@warnerthuston) September 10, 2018

Dont fall for it @KrisParonto . I’m sure Alex has 1 goal here – to twist your words and/or get you to say something he can purposely take out of context so you can be labeled as racist, bigotted, etc

He’s from the compost. Need I say more?

— carol bliss (@bliss1982) September 10, 2018

Don’t do it, Kris.

He’s gunna lie to call you a racist.

It’s a setup to get you permanently blacklisted.

— ‘Sources Say’ is Greek for ‘Fake News’ (@NolteNC) September 10, 2018

Hey @KrisParonto , I work for WaPo & I would like to spin anything you have to say to make you a Nazi & push more fake news as I pretend to be a “journalist” so I can get clicks from my hactivist Resistance friends.

— ConservativeMana (@DJPTRSN_MANA) September 10, 2018

Stranger danger!!!

— Paul M Winters (@RealPaulWinters) September 10, 2018

Kris, if you agree to speak to him, record everything. Everything.

— Vicki Fry 🍳 (@VickiFry) September 10, 2018

Never speak to wapo. Never.

— nunya (@lazyone2222) September 10, 2018

We just want to get a quote for our story we are doing on “How Obama’s balls taste? The real story of how his administration wanted to personally save everyone in Benghazi but Trump who wasn’t President stopped us”.

— Redleg 7 (@brianu2402) September 10, 2018

What more could you possibly need to know?

— Kristine (@fuskiegirl21) September 10, 2018

Suddenly the Washington Post becomes interested in what happened in Benghazi six years ago. Where would we be today if they care in September of 2012?

— AdorableDeplorable (@AdorableDeplo18) September 10, 2018

I wouldn’t trust a “reporter” from the Washington post. That “news” organization is all about spinning the narrative for the left. Ask yourself where they were Sept ’12 and beyond. NOW they want to talk to you?

🇺🇸 Cathy Buchanan 🇺🇸 (@CBuch64) September 10, 2018

— Captain Cook’s Wife (@cptcookswife) September 10, 2018

@KrisParonto Read his feed brother & decide for yourself whether he is friend or foe. IMHO he isn’t looking to make BO look anything but good or ask questions like why in the flying Fu@! an F-16 from Sigonella (been there & it’s a hop, skip & jump away) weren’t sent to help u

— Eric Christen (@ericdchristen) September 10, 2018

Say NO @KrisParonto

— JOOKIE (@JOOKIEJOON) September 10, 2018


DAYUM! Kris Paronto just NUKED Obama for referring to Benghazi as ‘wild conspiracy theory’

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 7, 2018

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