Oh, great: Now Sen. Bernie Sanders is campaigning on universal child care

When we say Sen. Bernie Sanders is campaigning, we’re pretty sure he’s campaigning for president again. Upstarts like Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Cory Booker might have their eyes on 2020 with all the grandstanding they do, but polls have shown that most Democrats are sticking with what they know — old, white men — and Sanders and Joe Biden have name recognition.

And now that Democrats are getting more and more interested in socialism, Sanders is happy to step up to the podium and offer another freebie: universal child care. It’s tough enough just paying the mortgages and property taxes on three homes, and then you add in child care …

Child care should not cost parents more than sending their kids to college. We need a revolution in child care in this country. pic.twitter.com/7guLGExSOR

— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) September 10, 2018

Child care should not cost parents more than sending their kids to college — and Sanders wants college to be free, so you do the math.

I guess you want that to be free also

— Chuck Kueper (@chuckkueper) September 10, 2018

It would save everybody some time if you’d just put out a list of the stuff you don’t think the government should provide. https://t.co/sCv9YACKpA

— CDP 🐗👏 (@cdpayne79) September 10, 2018

Please recite in the constitution where it addresses child care. Thank you

— Lori Sanders (@loriesanders) September 10, 2018

A revolution in child care? Care to give some details for your proposed “revolution” comrade Sanders?

— Gregory Stuart Preble (@StuartPreble) September 10, 2018

Do you want people to watch kids for free or are you proposing sending them to a government indoctrination center?

— ❌ Bubba Hyden ❌ (@RealTXtrashman) September 10, 2018

The reason this comparison is wildly silly is that colleges way overcharge their students thanks to all the subsidies Congress gives them in loans, grants and tax benefits (529s). Don’t make the same mistake.

— Stephen McDevitt (@Div1726) September 10, 2018

And getting government out of the equation is the first step!

— Phil Jennerjahn (@PhilJennerjahn) September 10, 2018

We need big government statists to mind their own business and have the federal government uninvolved in childcare.

— Old Skool American 🏴 (@BikerFork) September 10, 2018

“We need a revolution in child care in this country”

i.e.: we’ll find a way to make child care even more expensive than it already is, just like everything else government touches.

— Craig Steger (@craig_steger) September 10, 2018

Why does Bernie always think that just because something is expensive, the government should pay for it. That’s not government’s job

— Brindlewulf (@SeaLionBreath) September 10, 2018

What is your problem with capitalism? Market supply and demand dictate competitiveness of prices, as well as whatever other services may be necessary. Why don’t you attend to something that would benefit America the most? Like your retirement.

— MarkyMark (@The1FunkyBunch) September 10, 2018

So lets get this right. You want free schools and free health care. Yet you don’t have the money to do it. Yep true blue socialist (communist).

— VMize (@VLMize) September 10, 2018

Child care should be free. You should force people to watch other people’s children for free.

— John (@heaterman68) September 10, 2018

Please stop. If they had the kid, it’s up to them to afford child care. It should NOT be the problem of everyone else who didn’t have a kid, or CAN afford to have one and actually raise it without assistance. If the parent made the kid, then THEY need to take care of on their own

— Maleficent (@reina_de_espana) September 10, 2018

Teach people how to budget, and to think about what they are doing and the consequences of the decisions they make. Anyone can do it, really.

— CoLD MeTaL (@CoLDMTL) September 10, 2018

Maybe parents should take ownership for their offspring. Just a thought…

— matty ice 🦅 (@MVTT7) September 10, 2018

Maybe we need people to not have
children 👶 if they cannot pay for
a child

— owenski (@bandit19661) September 10, 2018

Yes we do.
Parents should be taking care of their own children.
Seems a given, but not in this society today for some reason.

— Debbie Patterson (@DebbieP83432552) September 10, 2018

So much for $15/hr. You don’t know what you want.

— Ron Avey Sr (@AveySr) September 10, 2018

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