Mika Brzezinski honors 9/11 by stepping in to defend Joe Scarborough’s bad take from Donald Trump Jr.

As Twitchy reported, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough managed to produce one of the worst takes possible on this anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks: an opinion piece in the Washington Post arguing that President Trump “is damaging the dream of America more than any terrorist attack ever could.” Nearly 3,000 Americans were unavailable for comment.

Not surprisingly, President Trump’s son took offense to the piece and demanded an apology on behalf of those killed in the attacks.

Joe you owe an apology to the 3000+ families who lost loved ones on this tragic day. Injecting politics today is disgraceful and only shows how irrelevant and deranged you’ve become. https://t.co/tFncxA5CQT

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) September 11, 2018

Good thing Scarborough’s sweetie was on hand to deflect any attacks with some really cheap shots at Donald Trump Jr., not really in keeping in spirit with the solemn anniversary. Scarborough already went full TDS; why not white knight for him and pile on?

Don.. The clock is ticking. Must be stressful. Maybe take a nap and relax. Have some chamomile tea or something. Maybe a quick trip to Russia to collect more cash for your business? https://t.co/RMJ7VQLqMN

— Mika Brzezinski (@morningmika) September 11, 2018

Glad to see the hosts of “Morning Joe” have the victims and first responders first and foremost on their minds today — and yet CNN’s Chris Cillizza criticizes Trump for not tweeting about the anniversary first and exclusively.

Unhinged Mika coming to save her man! https://t.co/AUG91frd2t

— Stormy Tapper (@MomcorpsFRC) September 11, 2018

Maybe tell your worse half to not be ghastly on September 11? https://t.co/3PIPOmjJNG

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) September 11, 2018

They all sleep in the same bed in the end. I do not trust news for that reason. Mika can not be unbiased in this opinion. https://t.co/ILVgJ3Pfw1

— Milli (@melisandrePro) September 11, 2018

This is @morningmika‘s response to @DonaldJTrumpJr for calling her lover, @JoeNBC out for his disgusting and insensitive article. It’s not a joke Mika! Nothing funny here. People died and more are suffering. How dare you! https://t.co/qdXho4pfYr

— Joaquin”Jack”Garcia (@JackGarcia66) September 11, 2018

Mika, playing politics today of all days. Shame !! Your boy toy already backtrack. How about you ? Know your value, Mika !! https://t.co/IoX4n5YFxu

— TexMex Boba Fett (@TXMexBobaFett) September 11, 2018

Joe is a sick piece of garbage. He’s totally unhinged and shame on MSNBC keeping this sicko. https://t.co/OpoxZOKj5j

— kathleen Hanley (@kathleenHanley8) September 11, 2018

If I were you I’d be more worried about Joe and his mental health after that stupid, compassionless tweet this morning. https://t.co/IHc55WKi9n

— Tom Cooper (@TECooper51) September 11, 2018

There are three fingers pointing back at you @morningmika — you and your “emotional support animals.” Your hypocrisy is astounding. https://t.co/KPJ8RD8Gpk

— Mike Opelka (@stuntbrain) September 11, 2018

Mika suffers severely from TDS! https://t.co/KvPC1686jR

🇺🇸❌Anita❌🇺🇸 MAGA! (@AnitaFillpot) September 11, 2018

using bigotry to attack trump to own trump https://t.co/uPta7ez1Dh

— not russ (@neoclassic09) September 11, 2018

Maybe if ol’ Joe had laid off the Trump-bashing for a more appropriate day, none of this would be an issue?


TAKE TWO! Joe Scarborough: ‘I should have shown more care’ on tweet and headline and column saying Trump more ‘damaging’ than the 9/11 terrorists https://t.co/DvA3VSyg8o

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 11, 2018

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