Democratic socialist who lied about much of her background wins primary for NY state Senate seat

The Washington Times is reporting that Julia Salazar, the democratic socialist who had seemed to have lied about her ethnicity, her academic credentials, and more, has beaten incumbent Sen. Martin Dilan. Seems New York City can’t get enough of those democratic socialists.

BREAKING: Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar beats incumbent in N.Y. senate primary

— The Washington Times (@WashTimes) September 14, 2018

Deepti Hajela writes for the Associated Press:

Salazar faced criticism for saying she was an immigrant from Colombia who struggled financially growing up when she was actually born in Florida and had hundreds of thousands of dollars in a trust fund. She was scrutinized, too, over a political and religious conversion during her years at Columbia University, where she transformed from a Republican, anti-abortion Christian to a hard-left, Jewish Democrat.

One group revoked its endorsement after learning Salazar hadn’t graduated from Columbia, as she said on its survey.

Salazar said she “inadvertently misrepresented” her family’s history and chalked up some biographical discrepancies to mistakes by her staff.

Then, reporters revealed that in 2011, when she was in college, Salazar was accused of attempted bank fraud by the estranged wife of a famous neighbor in Florida, former New York Met Keith Hernandez.

Is this the trust fund kid?

— Mickey White (@BiasedGirl) September 14, 2018


This is the one who has lied about everything in her past.

— RBe (@RBPundit) September 14, 2018

I think this is the kid who basically lied about her entire life..

— marnes (@marnes) September 14, 2018

Apparently lying about almost every single aspect of your background wasn’t an issue in that district.

— (((AG))) (@AG_Conservative) September 14, 2018

Lying about your personal background, educational background, and professional background is apparently not enough to lose in the Democratic Primary.

Good to know.

— Pradheep J. Shanker, M.D., M.S. (@Neoavatara) September 14, 2018

And yet we are told by “experts” who proclaim themselves our moral superiors that we must vote for Dems because Trump? Spare me. They all need to take a seat and STFU.

— Ken Gardner (@KenGardner11) September 14, 2018

NY1 calls Julia Salazar’s race for Salazar, so NYC politics has another wonderful pathological liar and lunatic

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) September 14, 2018


‘Full-on CRAZY PANTS’! The strange saga of socialist NY State Senate hopeful Julia Salazar gets EVEN WEIRDER

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 7, 2018

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