Come GET SOME! Dana Loesch calls out blue checked harpy who reportedly THREATENED her life on the air

Another day, another sideways coward reportedly threatening Dana Loesch’s life.

We say reportedly because we can’t seem to find the podcast of SpeedFreaks where Crash Gladys supposedly made the threat. After searching and asking the personalities on the show where we can find it, we still can’t seem to locate it, although we’re able to find other shows.


Anyway, others apparently heard the show (a few dozen) and called Crash Gladys out for it on Twitter.

Like ‘Ron’.

Did @CrashGladys just threaten @DLoesch on air? Did you say take a shotgun to her knees and throat? If not please clarify what you said? @foxsports910

— Ron (@RonaldUlyssesS1) September 13, 2018

We can’t say either way because for some reason this episode seems to be missing. *shrug*

Simmer down. The segment was called ‘Thinning the Herd Thursday’… clearly you need to understand jokes on radio.

— Crash Gladys (@CrashGladys) September 13, 2018

OH, that’s it. Because jokes about shooting people are hilarious.

Simmer down.


Seems Gladys made Dana’s radar:

If you said it on air you can say it to me here. Come on, Gladys.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) September 13, 2018


Whenever I read or hear the name Gladys:

— Bo Ingham (@BL_Ranch) September 14, 2018

That deafening silence?

That’s @CrashGladys scrambling to make excuses for what she said to her bosses so she doesn’t get fired.

— wAFFLE mAN (@WaffleWedgie) September 14, 2018

Didn’t you read? It was just a JOKE and we should all simmer down.

Incitement to kill isn’t funny. @CrashGladys @RonaldUlyssesS1 @KennyAndCrash @NateBoyer37 @Kaepernick7 @foxsports910 @DLoesch

— Tango Foxtrot (@TFinn82) September 14, 2018

Still waiting on a link to the show.
WE the PUBLIC would like to judge for ourselves.

— cmconcepts (@cmconcepts) September 13, 2018

If it was a joke, could you please share the clip for us to decide?
I along with @ChrisLoesch , @mattgaetz , @Twitter , @DevinNunes would like to see for ourselves.
Thank You!

— cmconcepts (@cmconcepts) September 13, 2018

Right? If it was just a joke let us hear it. We all have such great senses of humor.

It’s funny to joke about shooting people?

— Freedom Recon (@FreedomRecon) September 14, 2018

Who knew?

Hey @CrashGladys – still wondering why you think it’s funny to threaten to shoot my wife on your radio program? Why is your network hiding that audio from that segment?

— Chris Loesch (@ChrisLoesch) September 14, 2018

Good question.

People who don’t want us to have guns to protect ourselves want to use guns to kill us.. hmmmmmm

— Dox Drones & Tattoos (@doxtattoos) September 14, 2018

Gosh, we noticed that too.

At the time of this writing, Gladys has yet to respond to Dana and we have been unable to locate the podcast. That being said, the podcast could well be available and we’re just looking in the wrong place, so if Gladys or another host would like to send it our way we’re happy to update this story with the link.

And let readers decide for themselves.


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