SERIOUSLY!? Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg applauds NY Times for ‘holding itself accountable’ for Nikki Haley hit piece

Earlier today, Ron Fournier used criticism of the New York Times over an article that was clearly slanted as a hit on Nikki Haley to warn against painting the media with a broad brush when it comes to bias accusations. Jeffrey Goldberg, editor of “The Atlantic,” says those slamming the Times aren’t being fair to the paper for this reason:

People on this website are mocking the @nytimes for this (dramatic) correction, but they’re missing the point: this is an example of a journalism organization holding itself accountable:

— Jeffrey Goldberg (@JeffreyGoldberg) September 15, 2018

Would the Times have held themselves accountable if there hadn’t been such a huge backlash? Confidence is low:

Jeff, they realized that the public were holding them accountable, and their corporate tail went between their legs.

If they were holding themselves accountable they would not have made an unforced (and intentional) error like this in the first place.

— Robert Novak (@gallifreyan) September 15, 2018

They know the truth, it was 5 paragraphs down. They actually lied to us. It was no error. They try pushing a narrative so the left had clickbait. They still haven’t sent @nikkihaley a personal apology for trying to smear her.

— Bill (@Billyjack70) September 15, 2018

The media’s really circling the wagons around the NYT.

This wasn’t a mistake or even bias. The article stated (well into it) the curtains were ordered under the Obama administration, yet there was no mention of Samantha Power by name. Instead they use the headline to smear Haley because they know most won’t read the article.

— ( ) (@ARaised_Eyebrow) September 15, 2018

No. We’re mocking the NYT because this never happens in the other direction. And because the correction never receives the same attention the lie did in the first place.

— Matt Frese (@mdfrese) September 15, 2018

I guess navel-gazing can be annoying, but I’d like there to be a little more introspection on, how did the story get published in its original form in the first place?

— Jeryl Bier (@JerylBier) September 15, 2018

Stop…. you’re killing me! A fourth grader playing Pokemon Go could have spotted the bias in the story at a glance

— Christian Toto (@HollywoodInToto) September 15, 2018

And why do these corrections…only seem to be needed against one partisan side?

The lack of introspection is astounding.

— Pradheep J. Shanker, M.D., M.S. (@Neoavatara) September 15, 2018

Remember when Chuck Todd blamed Fox News for such massive public distrust of the mainstream media? Good times.

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