So? Brett Kavanaugh’s high school classmate wrote a memoir about his alcoholism

The Democrats have been reaching for straws so much and so far they’re going to put their backs out if Judge Brett Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed pretty soon.

Much of the news this week was centered around a letter that Sen. Dianne Feinstein had apparently been sitting on through Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearings and leaked only at the 11th hour. She turned it over to federal authorities, but the FBI took a look said it wasn’t going to investigate, and shoved the letter in Kavanaugh’s background file.

That doesn’t mean that Democrats aren’t keeping hope alive, and Mother Jones is reporting that “Brett Kavanaugh’s high school friend isn’t helping the nominee’s case.”

Um, what case? There is no case. Has he been arrested and charged with something?

But check this out. The other high-schooler alleged to be in the room with Kavanaugh at that party has written a memoir about his alcohol use.

The classmate accused of being in that room alongside Kavanaugh once wrote his own teenage drinking “reached the point where once I had the first beer, I found it impossible to stop until I was completely annihilated.”

— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) September 15, 2018

Stephanie Mencimer writes:

The New York Times reported that the friend the woman alleged to be in the room with Kavanaugh was conservative writer Mark Judge, who attended Georgetown Prep with the nominee. On Friday, Judge told the Weekly Standard that no such incident took place. “It’s just absolutely nuts,” he said. “I never saw Brett act that way.”

But … what if he were blindingly drunk at the time? The book he wrote chronicles Judge’s time as a teenage alcoholic and Mencimer concludes that “the amount of drinking Judge describes himself undertaking might suggest that his memory of those days may not be entirely reliable.”

Kavanaugh’s still going to be confirmed, but let’s let the hot takes continue.

And we know this because we know who he is. Unlike the liar who is accusing them anonymously.

— RBe (@RBPundit) September 15, 2018

What’s the name of the accuser?

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) September 15, 2018

Surprisingly, no one’s reporting that, as the alleged victim has asked not to be identified — although we’re pretty sure Judge wasn’t thrilled to be dragged into this either.

how is this relevant

— Confused Electorate (@Conf_Electorate) September 15, 2018

What on earth does this have to do with Kavanaugh?

— Nyarlathotep (@Nyarlat57298457) September 15, 2018

What is this supposed to prove? Now they are going after a private citizen to punish him for defending BK from an anonymous smear.

Enough of this. Set the vote for Monday.

— (((AG))) (@AG_Conservative) September 15, 2018

This is character assassination and you know it. Baseless accusations from an anonymous source to attack Kavanaugh and this irrelevant quote to attack his friend. GFY

— DemocratsSmear (@DestructiveChem) September 15, 2018

So now we are going to assassinate the character of anyone who dares defend Kavanaugh?

— Lenny Brisco (@skinnerj51) September 15, 2018

You guys are really messed up. Perhaps some introspection is in order, don’t ya think?

— Still Nancy (@SameOldNancy) September 15, 2018

Drinking too much as a teen is now considered corroborating evidence for this smear. Every single one of you spreading this shit can GDIAF. 🖕🖕🖕

— Carl Gustav, President of Whataboutism, Inc. (@CaptYonah) September 15, 2018

Nice defamation case coming if “anonymous” names this guy and can’t back it though, isn’t it?

— Honeybladger (@Honeybladger) September 15, 2018

I don’t ever EVER want to hear the left bemoan the state of our discourse ever again.
Step on their neck. Don’t let them up.

— EducatédHillbilly™ (@RobProvince) September 15, 2018

Extending the smear to his friend… Have media reached the bottom of the sewer; not even close.

— Marvin Boian (@BoianMarvin) September 15, 2018

Consider the source – smear machine is in full attack mode. Disgraceful

— Imelda Rheaume (@irheaum) September 15, 2018

This is the equivalent of ubsubstantiated gossip conveniently timed and brought up by one of our most corrupt politicians (Feinstein). A “guilty until proven innocent” stunt that diminishes the value of actual sexual assault victims who can safely go through due process.

— Tunnel Snakes Rule! (@TheTunnelSn8ke) September 15, 2018

Man, you guys are so desperate to smear BK that you will go after someone whose only crime was he knew BK in high school. Absolutely pathetic that you would try destroy this guy based on an anonymous accusation for over 39 years ago. Y’all are morally and ethically bankrupt

— LordKrispyKreme (@LordKreme) September 15, 2018

“In fact, everyone at this extremely conservative school stayed completely hammered, 24/7. Thus they excelled in sexual assault, which is the underpinning of all right wing teaching methods.” – You know this is coming

— K-Bob – Space Force Radioman (@K_Bob) September 15, 2018

I hope Kavanaugh does a keg stand right after his swearing in.

— ( ) (@ARaised_Eyebrow) September 15, 2018


OWNED! Kimberley Strassel dismantles Feinstein and her conveniently timed Kavanaugh hit with just 3 tweets

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 14, 2018

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