Worst take EVER! Glamour editor becomes butt of her own LAME joke about fetuses voting in HILARIOUS thread

Mattie Kahn, who is a senior editor for Glamour magazine according to her bio, thought this take (joke?) would somehow prove in a super edgy way that fetuses aren’t people …


— mattie kahn (@mattiekahn) September 13, 2018

The caps are a nice touch.

We get what she was trying to do here but it didn’t quite work out the way she thought it would. Voting does not make someone a person. But A for effort and stuff, it took a lot to come up with something this absolutely ridiculous.

The thread itself took off though and before she knew it, Mattie became the butt of her own edgy joke.

If any unborn child has been in the womb for 18 years since it was born, I have questions.

— prayerborne (@prayerborne) September 14, 2018

Talk about bloat.

A fetus is ≤9 months old. The voting age is 216 months.

216 > 9

Good job, party of science. https://t.co/zOHWjiCc0q

— Eric Spencer (@JustEric) September 16, 2018

Party of science.

Love that.


Mothers are more likely to be pro-life and Republican than childless women are. I don’t think you’ve thought this one through.

— You Should Have Voted Gary (@colorblindk1d) September 16, 2018


If you still have an 18 year old in utero, you have much bigger problems than wondering how to vote.

— Mike Daitch (@mikedaitch) September 15, 2018

Dude, right? Especially during the summer months?

The fetus has to make it to 18 years old to vote…not be murdered and harvested for parts…TY.

— Harry Gato (@harrygato) September 15, 2018

all caps is about as sarcasm font as you can get…

— JEFCON 1 🇺🇸 (@TheJeffBurkett) September 13, 2018

She tried. The issue with her tweet though is the sarcasm failed.

I appreciate that you were brave enough to tweet something so stupid


— mark_my_words (@mark_my_words) September 13, 2018

Just doing her part.

If it keeps babies from being murdered, absolutely. ☺

— Debbie Pierce (@coffeefoofa) September 15, 2018

Maybe we should rethink this …

Now, Mattie and her supporters tried to pretend that people thought she was serious and that THEY were the dumb ones …

I’m more worried by how many people not realizing this is a joke… and dumbfounded. But mainly worried.

— Sonia Dara (@sonia_dara) September 14, 2018

I’ve learned things I never wanted to know about the average American over the past 48 hours.

— mattie kahn (@mattiekahn) September 14, 2018

But most people knew it was a joke.

They just also knew it’s a dumb joke.




— indychick 🐻 (@jott1999) September 13, 2018

If the unborn could vote for Democrats, the Democrats would suddenly become pro life.

— Steve Madurski (@SMadurski) September 16, 2018


Right! And if fetuses are people then shouldn’t the fetus get citizenship at the time of conception, not birth?

— Samantha (@followme_samp) September 15, 2018


The lengths some people will go to in order to dehumanize the unborn are insane.

Sorta like the original tweet that spawned this thread.


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