Bless her HEART! Femzilla Jessica Valenti’s absurd SLAM on Kavanaugh BLOWS UP in her face

For some reason, our delicate friends on the Left are OUTRAGED that 65 women signed a letter supporting and defending Kavanaugh’s character after Dianne Feinstein’s gross and conveniently timed attack on his person.

They are doing exactly what we knew they would. Even after the letter Feinstein had turned out to be a nothing burger the FBI wouldn’t investigate, the Left and the media took the accusation and ran with it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

Look at this nonsense from Jessica Valenti:

He didn’t try to rape MOST women you guys

This is absurd

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) September 14, 2018

It’s absurd that 65 women who knew him signed their names on a statement that says Kavanaugh treated women with respect?


Imagine showing up to a murder trial with letters from all the people the defendant totally didn’t kill.

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) September 14, 2018

Oh boy, here we go.

We’re pretty sure Jessica didn’t think this one through:

Imagine showing up to a murder trial where there’s no identified victim and then being forced to prove you’re innocent. I guess Stalinists enjoy that kind of system, though.

— Back in a Mo. or So (@molratty) September 16, 2018

That. ^

Imagine showing up to a rape trial with a letter that talks about an attempted rape that might have occurred 35 years ago in high school that was never talked about or reported then.

— H-town Conservative (@HTX_Con) September 15, 2018

With a nameless and faceless victim.


Please do not ever serve on a jury.

— josephhendrix (@josephhendrix) September 16, 2018


Imagine sitting on the letter all summer.

— Lone Ranger Danger Zone (@mecantyping) September 14, 2018

Notice how no one on the Left is talking about timing.

Imagine being tried for a murder 40 years earlier based on nothing more than an anonymous person’s accusation. No body. No evidence. No corroboration.

Seriously, Jessica, you’re a total clown. Why do you embarrass yourself like this on a daily basis? What’s wrong with you?

— John Barry (@CardsFanTX) September 14, 2018

How long ya’ got?

If the new standard is that any anonymous accusation of any crime by anyone against anyone is to be taken at face value and treated as true, 2019 is gonna be lit.

— Michael Arcane (@MichaelArcane) September 14, 2018

And you think things are stupid NOW.

If the prosecutor’s evidence in this hypothetical murder trial consisted entirely of second-hand descriptions of out-of-court statements made by an unidentified and unavailable witness, then the defense would win via directed verdict.

— Mike Freddoso (@MikeFreddoso) September 16, 2018

Imagine ignoring @keithellison ‘s domestic abuse allegations of which there is strong evidence.

— FlyinTedCruz (@FlyinTedCruz) September 16, 2018


I can see why you didn’t go to law school.

— Kate (@kilomikealpha76) September 14, 2018

Actually… this is a murder trial without a victim.

— Beware of Doug (@dg_phelps) September 15, 2018

It’s called a character witness. To continue your analogy. Imagine bring put on trial for murder with no evidence, no witnesses, and no victim. Or at best an anonymous victim who can’t be identified or questioned.

Your hot takes give women and feminists a bad name.

— zone of danger (@mr_bovine_jonie) September 15, 2018

So wouldn’t there have to be evidence that a murder occurred? Usually there’s evidence, then indictment, THEN a trial. Oh yeah, and witnesses can’t testify via an anonymous letter. How are you this ignorant?

— JustJoan 🇺🇸🌺 (@6thgentexan) September 16, 2018


That’s how.


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