WHOOPS! Did anti-NRA activists who got Publix to cave on donations stumble into an ‘amazing self-own’?

The “die-in” organized by David Hogg succeeded in getting Publix supermarkets to say they’re ending all politically oriented donations, starting with an NRA-supported candidate: Supermarket chain halts donations to Fla. candidate who is a fierce NRA supporter amid boycott, ‘die-in’ … Read More

REALLY!? David Hogg says this pic at Publix is ‘literally perfect symbolism’ of ‘America’s indifference to gun violence’

Parkland survivor and anti-NRA gun control activist David Hogg helped organize a protest of Publix supermarkets, which resulted in the grocery chain quickly caving in. During a “die-in” at a Publix, Hogg saw something that troubled him: Literally perfect symbolism … Read More