SAD! Resistance leader Scott Dworkin fact-checked on protests forcing Brett Kavanaugh to cancel meetings

Proud member of The Resistance Scott Dworkin was pretty excited to hear that peaceful protests inside the Capitol building had forced Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to cancel at least two meetings with Republican senators. So far, Kavanaugh has cancelled … Read More

“You calling her a liar?’ ABC News journo LIT UP for disputing Fox News’ Shannon Bream’s account of SCOTUS protester threats

As Twitchy told you Monday night, Fox News’ Shannon Bream reported that she abandoned live coverage outside the Supreme Court due to feeling threatened by protesters. ABC News chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran saw it differently: I was broadcasting from … Read More

‘Are you REALLY doing this?’ AP uses Anne Frank to take not-so-subtle immigration swipe at Trump

Pssst! Hey, AP … your hackish desperation is showing again: Anne Frank’s family twice tried to flee to the US to escape the Nazis but hit restrictive immigration roadblocks. — AP Europe (@AP_Europe) July 6, 2018 ABC News picked … Read More

Guess which students will and won’t appear on Nightline’s Parkland documentary

ABC News’ “Nightline” will air on Monday night a documentary called “For Our Lives: Parkland,” following six Parkland students “as they took their first steps into political participation.” Recognize any faces? Notice anyone missing? TONIGHT: A preview of “For Our … Read More