Here’s why you SHOULDN’T praise Latino Victory for pulling vile anti-Gillespie ad after NYC attack

Remember that twisted, despicable anti-Gillespie ad put out by left-wing Latino Victory yesterday? The one depicting Gillespie voters as racist, xenophobic rednecks hellbent on running over minority kids with their trucks? Where’s the Gillespie bumper sticker? — Ben Shapiro … Read More

SURPRISE! Ex-Hillary Clinton spox DEFENDS disgusting anti-Gillespie ad

As Twitchy told you, progressive outfit Latino Victory sank to a sickening new low with an ad smearing Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie as a racist, child-hating xenophobe. A lot of people condemned the twisted ad, as any decent … Read More

‘You people are dangerous’! BoingBoing just straight-up LIED about Dana Loesch’s NRA ad

This is a lie! — James Hardy (@JSteevenh) July 3, 2017 Much ado has been made of Dana Loesch’s “clenched fist of truth” ad for the NRA. And much of that ado has been, quite frankly, garbage. But there’s always … Read More