‘Is this whitesplaining?’ Elizabeth Warren’s message to black voters seems a bit … PROBLEMATIC

As a woman of color, Elizabeth Warren Senator Elizabeth Warren to black voters: “All our fights are interconnected” https://t.co/pR3kGS1izJ pic.twitter.com/HJrYxwugAA — Bloomberg (@business) April 20, 2018 More from Bloomberg: The fiery Massachusetts Democrat, one of five possible Democratic presidential contenders … Read More

Talk about DEPLORABLE! WATCH: Pissy Hillary Clinton UNLOADS on Trump voters (and it’s BAD)

What a shame Hillary Clinton lost the election. America has really missed out on what she brings to the global stage: Shes a real Ambassador of the USA. https://t.co/muggfsQfvr — ☠Problematic AF™ Redux☠ (@EF517_V3) March 12, 2018 Check this out: … Read More