‘Liberals respect women’! Is Bill Franken MOCKING Al Franken’s groping victim? [photo]

Sexual misconduct is no laughing matter. Except when it is, apparently: These New Years Hawaii trips are getting weird – Saget, forgive me! pic.twitter.com/UgehBTmIUv — Bill Maher (@billmaher) January 4, 2018 Um, OK. Are you mocking Sen. Franken and the … Read More

You CAN’T make this up! Guess what a lead congressional ethics investigator is accused of

It’s certainly true that if you live long enough you see everything. Here’s 2017’s latest contribution: Exclusive: The head of the Office of Congressional Ethics overseeing investigations into lawmaker misconduct–like Rep Conyers, Nunes, etc–is accused of allegedly assaulting women, abusing … Read More