‘STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF’! Ana Navarro’s take on Eric Holder POTUS run proves she’s a JOKE

As Twitchy told you, last week, totally objective journalist April Ryan could barely disguise her excitement at the prospect of Eric Holder mounting a presidential bid in 2020. Well, last night, Holder told Stephen Colbert that he’s “thinking about” running. … Read More

Of COURSE! Ana Navarro makes a fool of herself GUSHING over ‘Dem Socialist’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

When you’re openly cheering a ‘Democratic Socialist’ (which is, c’mon, really just a Socialist) it’s way past time to admit you’re not really a Conservative. Looking at you, Ana Navarro … Whether you agree with @Ocasio2018’s platform or not, hard … Read More

‘RACIST MUCH?’ Ana Navarro serves up BIGOTRY after Kirstjen Nielsen is run out of Mexican restaurant

As Twitchy told you, yesterday, Ana Navarro immigrant-splained that “immigrants don’t all think alike” and “are not a homogenous blob” — and then proceeded to slam immigrants who support or work in the Trump administration as bereft of consciences. Pretty … Read More

SHOCKAH! Ana Navarro trips ALL over herself to shame Trump over immigration, falls RIGHT off the cliff

We were waiting for this: ICE’s largest family detention center, Karnes County Residential Center in Texas, run by contractor GEO Group, has a prison bus just for babies.https://t.co/j282oqp0W8 pic.twitter.com/MYtPAYGNzN — Antonio Arellano (@AntonioArellano) May 27, 2018 America, this cannot be … Read More