THIS EFFING GUY! CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski has SOME NERVE questioning Free Beacon’s journalistic integrity

It’s always cute when CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski thinks he’s got any legit journalistic credibility. Bless his heart, and all that jazz. Earlier today, the Washington Free Beacon published a piece by Susan Crabtree about EPA “whistleblower” Kevin Chmielewski, who claims … Read More

Blame Putin? Wayback Machine finds no evidence that anti-gay content on Joy Reid’s blog was ‘fraudulent’

As Twitchy reported, after Internet sleuths dug up a bunch of homophobic posts on Joy Reid’s old and defunct blog, the MSNBC host told Mediaite that the posts were somehow put in by an “external party.” Mediaite further reported that Reid … Read More

‘STOP acting like CNN is above everyone!’ Brian Flood OWNS Andrew Kaczynski in debate over CNN’s JFK tweet

Fox News’ Brian Flood was less than impressed with the bizarre tweet CNN put out on JFK’s ‘legendary infidelities’ while they harp non-stop about the allegations against Trump. CNN mocked for glorifying JFKs ‘legendary’ infidelity after harping on sex allegations … Read More

Blue check marks argue about what corporations cutting ties with the NRA will do to America

CNN’s Andrew Kacynski brought up an interesting point this morning: what will happen to corporations who have/had ties to the NRA? And will boycotting those businesses until they get rid of discounts for NRA members make a difference in the … Read More