BAM! Donald Trump Jr. demolishes (with a hammer) James Comey’s laughable praise for Hillary

James Comey’s book tour barnstorming continues this week, and last night the former FBI director was on CNN and spelled out why he thinks Hillary Clinton was far more qualified than Donald Trump. Don’t be drinking anything when you read … Read More

D’OH! Dan Pfeiffer takes a jab at Comey for ‘swinging the election to Trump,’ HILLARY hardest hit

Kellyanne Conway is slamming some media reports for taking comments she made about James Comey and the election out of context: This misleading headline should include an eye roll and question mark. Point I made on 3 shows is that … Read More

YIKES: John Brennan goes FULL drama queen in unglued anti-Trump rant after firing of Andrew McCabe

President Trump’s tweet about the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe heavily triggered Rep. Eric Swalwell, but the anger isn’t confined to congressional Democrats. Here’s CIA Director John Brennan, who appears to be very troubled by the firing … Read More

Guess what else was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop? 2,800 of Huma Abedin’s work-related documents

As the New York Daily News put it Tuesday, “Pervy pol Anthony Weiner is still putting his estranged wife in legal danger.” State Department officials informed Judicial Watch last week that 2,800 government-related work documents were recovered from Weiner’s laptop. … Read More

INCOMING! Erielle Davidson, others drop the mic HARD on unsuspecting Ezra Klein

Alabama’s Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore is, by many accounts, not the greatest guy. But if Ezra Klein wants to use Moore as a broad brush with which to paint the GOP, he’d better be prepared for what comes next. … Read More