OFFS: Anti-gunners waste NO TIME blaming the NRA for the YouTube shooting

The Left wasted absolutely NO time blaming the National Rifle Association for the active shooter incident at YouTube. Reports are still coming in about who the shooter is/was and what exactly took place. Can’t gun control advocates wait AT LEAST … Read More

KA-CHOW! High school Sophomore CJ Pearson drops a TRUTH BOMB about the gun control movement [video]

Conservative high school student CJ Pearson decided to make a video about the #MarchForOurLives rallies taking place across the nation. The best part of Pearson’s video? He uses facts — you know, the thing that Democrats really hate — and history to explain why the Second … Read More

Anti-gunners are TRIGGERED by what Dana Loesch had to say about systemic government failures [video]

National Rifle Association Spokeswoman Dana Loesch appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss her new ad, “Your time is running out.” During the segment, Loesch brought up a very valid point: the government failed to protect a number of communities … Read More

OFFS: Gun control advocates are TRIGGERED by Dana Loesch’s PERSONAL Second Amendment story [video]

NRATV posted a video of Spokeswoman Dana Loesch explaining why she believes in the Second Amendment. It’s a powerful testimony and one that gun control advocates HATE to hear. “I didn’t truly understand #2A until I was stalked, threatened & told … Read More

‘It’s crazy to defend the 2nd Amendment’: Seth MacFarlane has a SERIOUS question for gun owners EVERYWHERE

Producer Seth MacFarlane has a serious question for gun owners across America: To those broad-stroke defenders of the 2nd amendment: How many of you have actually BEEN shot at? Any at all? Well, listen to these kids who have. … Read More

OFFS: NYT bestselling author SLAMS various politicians for ‘taking blood money from the NRA’

New York Times bestselling author Molly Knight decided to voice her desire for gun control by letting her researching how much money Congressmen and women received from the NRA. She then tweeted them asking them to return their “blood money.” … Read More

DISGUSTING: Anti-gunners RUSH to call for #GunControlNow as horrific scene unfolds in Florida

As the tragic scene continues to unfold in Brower County, Florida, anti-gunners wasted no time taking to social media to advocate for gun control. It’s absolutely disgusting that these folks can’t wait until the victims are taken of before they … Read More