GO FIGURE! AP leaves something ‘MIGHTY important’ out of these tweets about N.M. child abuse bust

Frightening news out of New Mexico today: BREAKING: Court documents say man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to commit school shootings. — The Associated Press (@AP) August 8, 2018 Holy crap. Omg. https://t.co/Hh9QNMz7C3 — Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) … Read More

New York Times, AP want to scour Brett Kavanaugh’s wife’s emails for words like “gay” an “abortion”

As Twitchy reported, Democrats like Sen. Kamala Harris are accusing Senate Republicans of “withholding vital documents” from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s career. “What do they have to hide?” Harris asks, knowing full well she’s going to oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation … Read More

‘Are you REALLY doing this?’ AP uses Anne Frank to take not-so-subtle immigration swipe at Trump

Pssst! Hey, AP … your hackish desperation is showing again: Anne Frank’s family twice tried to flee to the US to escape the Nazis but hit restrictive immigration roadblocks. https://t.co/5i8RcQAKWQ — AP Europe (@AP_Europe) July 6, 2018 ABC News picked … Read More

Hell to the YEAH! J.R. Salzman and @AG_Conservative take AP story on Army discharging ‘immigrant recruits’ APART

Our friends in the media strike AGAIN, with another crap headline written to deliberately instill RAGE in people who they know won’t actually read the article or bother to understand the policy and why certain ‘immigrant recruits’ are being discharged. … Read More