‘What will it take’? MSM leave Jake Tapper to ‘stand alone’ when it comes to Dems and Farrakhan

Remember the media’s field day when Donald Trump wasn’t sure whether or not he should disavow David Duke’s endorsement? When it comes to Democrats’ disturbing coziness with Louis Farrakhan, the media can’t seem to muster that same level of outrage. … Read More

Brit Hume not alone in not buying that explanation of Peter Strzok’s ‘insurance policy’ text

As Twitchy reported earlier Monday, unnamed sources — “people” — told The Wall Street Journal’s Del Quentin Wilber that when FBI agent Peter Strzok sent that message about the risk of Donald Trump being elected president and the FBI’s “insurance policy” … Read More

‘DAYUM’! Ari Fleischer’s correction for Politico makes Brian Ross (and ABC News) look even WORSE

Among the stories about suspended ABC News reporter Brian Ross is this article at Politico which mentions his instances of inaccuracies and journalistic malpractice (with an angle that takes the “conservatives pounce” approach): Conservatives skewer ABC News over faulty Trump-Flynn … Read More