‘WE HURTLE TOWARDS EXTINCTION’! Bette Midler slams Trump for fires, floods, heatwaves and pretty much everything

Here’s proof-positive that one of the leading entertainers in the anti-Trump Resistance is really singing the blues these days: 18 wildfires in California today, Yosemite closed, torrential floods all around the globe, people dying from unprecedented heatwaves, AND NOW, AS … Read More

She’s gone full CAPSLOCK! Bette Midler blames ‘climate deniers’ because it’s HOT, gets lesson on SEASONS

Its called SUMMER, Bette. It’s the season right after spring and right before fall. You know, the HOT one. Derp. HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU, #CLIMATEDENIERS?? THANKS FOR NOTHING, YOU IDIOTS. — Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) July 2, 2018 Seriously it’s July which … Read More

Bette Midler finds ‘literally nothing left’ of America because Merrick Garland’s not on the Supreme Court

Supreme Court rulings this week have left Bette Midler angry with the Senate Majority Leader for finishing off the Republic, or something: The vicious #MitchMcConnell gets his way. His unprecedented obstruction of #Obama‘s pick for the #SupremeCourt has tainted one … Read More