‘Simply UNTRUE’! CNN’s coverage of Gaza riots gets them BUSTED for journalistic malpractice [pics]

Another day, another Great Moment in Journalism from CNN: Some things are open to interpretation and some things are untrue. This, @CNN, is simply untrue. The violent Hamas-led rioters on the Gaza-Israel border aren’t “protesting the [embassy] move.” Their leaders … Read More

‘COMPLICIT’! Who does WaPo think they’re KIDDING with coverage of Gaza ‘demonstrations’?

It’s long past time that the media give up the charade and just straight-up admit to being full of biased hacks. Because they’re not fooling anyone at this point. Take the Washington Post, for example: Gaza latest:37 Palestinians killed by … Read More

‘No bias with HER’! Look what ‘totally objective’ journo April Ryan has been up to [pic]

When White House correspondent April Ryan isn’t busy running into burning buildings, she’s doing other dangerous work: 🤔 pic.twitter.com/JmxJf4Pgh5 — Peter J. Hasson (@peterjhasson) April 30, 2018 How delightful. She was one of the three reporters in Vanity Fair’s glamour … Read More