OPA! Sean Spicier shares his solution for keeping families together at the border and the Left JUST CAN’T DEAL

Our favorite parody (and yours) Sean Spicier was being his usual helpful self on Twitter and shared a suggestion that is guaranteed to keep families of illegal immigrants from being separated at the border. The truth is we just don’t … Read More

Matthew Yglesias: Aren’t Trump’s summits with Rosenstein like the Lynch/Clinton tarmac meeting?

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been meeting with President Trump often enough to set off some connection in Matthew Yglesias’ brain. Aren’t Trump’s fairly frequent summits with Rosenstein questionable, at least if you consider that curious meeting between Bill … Read More

Take TWO! Stephen Colbert gives Bill Clinton a shot at ‘Today Show’ redemption (Spoiler: It’s STILL about HIM) [video]

In an interview which aired during the “Today Show” on Monday, Bill Clinton gave an answer to a question about apologizing to Monica Lewinsky that was heavily criticized because the former president again played the victim. Very Clinton-esque! How disastrous … Read More