‘HAVE AT IT’! California Dems are all set to put the FINAL NAIL in their state’s coffin

California’s not circling the drain fast enough. They’ve gotta kick this thing into high gear: California’s proposal to to offer full health coverage to undocumented adults is one of the most daring examples yet of blue-state Democrats thumbing their nose … Read More

‘HOT DAMN!’ Calif. Dem Senate candidate takes pretty HARSH swipe at Dianne Feinstein [video]

Alison Hartson hopes to beat incumbent Dianne Feinstein and Kevin De León in the California Democratic Senate primary. But if she wants to knock out someone like Dianne Feinstein, Hartson’s gonna have to pull out all the stops. She unveiled … Read More

Class is in SESSION: David French SCHOOLS angry SJW about CA bill that threatens free speech

This is terrifying. There’s a California bill that could ban the sale of books advocating Christian sexual morality and theological orthodoxy? Seriously? Yes, seriously. A grotesquely unconstitutional bill is sailing through the California assembly: https://t.co/OFNco4DAvH — David French (@DavidAFrench) April … Read More

‘Trump win?’ Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown sending National Guard troops to border, but WHY?

California Gov. Jerry Brown has some news for DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Defense Secretary James Mattis regarding border security: California responds pic.twitter.com/8HCXoGXc87 — Jerry Brown (@JerryBrownGov) April 11, 2018 JUST IN: California to add 400 National Guard troops to … Read More