‘HOLY COW’! Try not to burn yourself on Jill Filipovic’s FLAMING-HOT Chappaquiddick take

The new film “Chappaquiddick” paints a less-than-glowing portrait of Democratic hero Ted Kennedy, which means liberals have got some serious interference to run. Fortunately for them, Jill Filipovic is up to the task: Jill Filipovic: Since Chappaquiddick, Democrats’ views of … Read More

‘He KILLED a girl’! CNN gets DRAGGED for this scorching-hot take on ‘Chappaquiddick’ film

Leave it to CNN to offer up this take on the new film “Chappaquiddick”: “Chappaquiddick” explores one of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s darkest hours https://t.co/bsLhkMWJKP pic.twitter.com/qUJFxcluUa — CNN (@CNN) March 27, 2018 Wow. Ted Kennedy really had it rough, didn’t he? … Read More